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pollup: That's a nice swan song from Olympus.

So you spent ´round 1800 usd on a camera "with an old sensor and small viewfinder with less resolution." Why? Bank sent you a few quid just to throw at something nice, or what? Of course not my problem, still can´t help wondering.. ;-)

Link | Posted on Jul 3, 2020 at 11:36 UTC
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mick232: I find it remarkable that the camera business is still predominantly Japanese nowadays. Yes, production happens in China and elsewhere, but the companies and brands are Japanese.

Could this be a first step towards a change? Could Olympus eventually end up as a Chinese camera system?

JPI = a Japanese company!

Olympus makes at least the hi end cameras in Vietnam, by the way.

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Marksphoto: Does anyone care about Olympus? I don't...

Competition bad??? Oh my...
If there was no competition, all those "best features" possibly had never been invented and developed at all.. So, competition IS good, per definition, if we like to get new features, better performance and so on!! Period.

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AlanWatson: Hey, I liked the Sony F505V. It was a design based on the realisation that digital cameras weren't constrained in the way film cameras were. I never owned one, but it looked a reasonable and practical design to me (big lens & tilting screen back in the early days of digital photography), and I was disappointed when Sony moved back to things that looked more like film cameras.

The Coolpix 300 looks oddly prescient when you consider what most cameras these days look like (i.e. phones).

Spent some 3 decades selling cameras and other entertainment electronics, 1981-2012 . Among the finer cameras in the years following the absolute beginnings of the digital era, I fond that the design of this Sony is/was one of the best!! Agree with your rant, fully! Easy and stable, both to handle and shoot with, and great IQ at the time.

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io rep: feels like a kindergarten article

@io rep:

Feels like a kindergarten comment ;-)

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On article Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 Pro sample gallery (228 comments in total)
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KoolKool: Olympus has sharp zoom lenses, but their sensor really need more megapixel to make their lenses shine even more

24mp should be much better! or even 36mp!


24 mp vs 20 mp would be just about 5-10% sharper, if even that much...and a few of the newer cameras also have the Hi Resolution mode (for stills, that is) which rise resolution quite a bit (although will still not achieve "double as sharp" but is at least worth having if one would like to get it "all" out of the better lenses in the system) ;-)

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Aegon Targaryen: Holy crap, those Olys can take a bath! :O

But I'm not seeing any of those WR lenses being zoomed in and out while water is dripping on them. And I don't buy it that the mesh is gonna keep that water out during zooming. Anybody have any experience with that?

My E-M1 (mk1) did survive a night lying on the top of my car, where I did mislay/forget it coming home from work. The night was rainy and the camera/lens combo worked perfectly well, and still do. This was a few years ago.
The lens in question was the Oly 12-40/2,8 PRO. While it didn´t get zoomed in/out during this unplanned outdoor nightstay, it did rain for at least a number of hours, no damage at all!
The camera body had one of its strap lugs off (well known problem with the E-M1 mk1) since some time before this, and yet the camera did not get damaged in any way, so something about the weather/moist seals Olympus seems to do VERY well.. Since then I have got the E-M1 mk2, now I use that one a lot more than the mk1, but none of them, or the 12-40/2,8, 40-150/2,8 & 50/2 I use with them, has had any problem risen from wet conditions, of which there have been quite a lot, since I live in Sweden. Even the old 14-54/2,8-3,5 mk2 have lived a good life and managed to get by wet weather

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Iku-Turso: Olympus taking shots at Fuji.

Fuji, your turn to shoot mt. Olympus.

Since the earth is a globe, and mt Olympus is on quite another side of the globe vs Fuji´s headquarter, they´d have to go to Grecce and shoot from some random place there,..supposing that they´d shoot the mt Olympus image from the same distance as did Olympus did shoot their mt Fuji image ;-)

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On article DPReview TV: Olympus 12-45mm F4 Pro review (323 comments in total)
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BobT3218: As always, the proof is in the pudding but for those interested in specs, the 12-40 f2.8 has 14 elements in 9 groups, the new 12-45 f4 has 12 elements in 9 groups. Otherwise the design looks the same. A faster lens is harder to correct so that probably accounts for the extra two elements. So, it has two more elements and of course a lot more mass of glass. That implies a much more expensive lens but timing is everything. One site I looked at has the 12-45 f4 at 12% more expensive than the older discounted 12-40 f2.8. Fancy that, two very similar lenses but the f4 is more expensive than the f2.8. So, if you need speed and what m4/3 user doesn't, there are bargains to be had.

Who said The 12-40/2.8 is discontinued?
(except for you, that is)

Link | Posted on Feb 17, 2020 at 10:44 UTC

The ME, original version, must be seen as one of the most important Pentaxes, since it introduced the COMPACT size SLR into the 24x36mm land (alongside the MX of course).
It was notably smaller than the Olympus Om1/2, Canon AE1 / AV1 or any Nikon or Minolta at the time.

It also happened to be my second SLR, which i bought for my 18 year birthday money in 1977 ;-)
Did a 15 km bicycle ride to the closest big city from our rural home, and also bought a 36 exposures Kodachrome 64 slide film, which I did finish off during the (very sunny) day, in June that year.
Aaah, the memory ;-)

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Tom_A: The one thing really missing is computational photography enhancements in phones.

How about these lines:
"This is only likely to continue to improve, especially as traditional cameras try to stay competitive with the smartphones backed by the computing know-how and seemingly endless R&D resources of the likes of Apple and Google." ?

In a short article everything cannot be mentioned thoroughly. I missed the handheld hi resolution and pre capture focus as important things camera manufacturers (or, more correctly, one manufacturer..) did launch.

Link | Posted on Dec 31, 2019 at 06:29 UTC

Handheld high resolution mode, and the ability to get subjects in focus through "pre capture" (or what the correct designation of that feature may be) is at least worthy of mentioning in such an article.

But, anyway, a good write up about the decade "just about" to pass (it ends in 31st december 2020, actually) ;-)

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Marty4650: In the 1960's Zenit was a very cheap imitation of a Leica M.
In 2019, Leica is marketing a very expensive imitation of a Zenit.

This can only mean that there must be lots of Russians and Germans who have money to burn.

I think this one is marketed by Zenit, thus more like "a Leica copy marketed w a Zenit logo, by Zenit". Well, not even a copy, since it is, according to the DPR article, a Leica M240 rebadged w very minor twists.
So, it is at least manufactured by Leica, that I must "give you" ;-)

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MrALLCAPS: Can't believe that the price for a body option at $1200 wasn't listed as a "con", especially that the previous model had a Magnesium body.
And you quoted "that comes in around the same price as the E-M5 III." Is ridiculous. The X-T30 is only $799, Four Hundred Dollars less! that's "around" the same price??
This camera is only for Olympus users. I would suggest everyone else look elsewhere, as there are better value out there, like the G9.

Most who has actually used this camera say it shows off a VERY GOOD build quality. So, that much for the "plastic fantastic" cry so many others sound off...

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dbateman: They should have aligned the T with the 6 position on the clock and the 60 with the 12 position. Seems random, otherwise. Why have the flash sync 60 aligned with 9 position?

the T and the 60 are not in opposite positions, thus...not possible. And not any better than now, which is perfectly fine.

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AshleyMC: Sorry, Murata-san.

At the same price level, I’ll pick full-frame any day of the week, twice on Saturdays and three times on Sundays.

Sensor size is not the predominant factor - I agree. Convenience, to me as a long-time photographer, is the key. If MFT cameras are big, heavy, expensive and complex, what’s the point? I don’t blame people for preferring their phone cameras.

Ashley MC:
If you´d like a camera WITH built in handgrip, best weather seals there is and the super tough build, you wold have to get, well, the E-M1X.

But if not, the G9 will suffice, and more than that, of course. It´s a very competent camera!

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Shadow9d9: Panasonic left, sensor upgrades have stopped, lenses are tickling out at a snail's pace, and af can't keep up with full frame offerings. It is viable for cheap travel with a small size or for birders on a budget that do not want bif.

Yes, absolutely.
That´s why a (albeit small compared to the numbers of CaNikoSony shooters) gang of proffessionals actually DO shoot with this terribly incompetent system...
And, what´s even worse, those people DO earn their living(!) with these things even if new kit do arrive at "snail´s pace"..

Oh my..

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Photo_Genius: They are everything but tiny. The 35mm is twice the size as it should be.

Probably because of the 1:2 macro but who needs macro on 20 and 24mm? You have to get so close that the subject is almost touching the glass and you also get that distorted look. Is anyone seriously doing makro under 35mm?

I really wanted a good pancake 24mm F2.8 but this is just 2.5 cm shorter and as wide as my 24mm F1.4.

In my film days, I owned a Sigma 24mm/2,8 called "miniwide" or something like that. It was built of metal, extremely small(!) and, yes, it could focus down to 18cm! Not macro per se, but very close anyway. In addition to that it was sharp!

And now to my main point:
I really liked that close focusing ability. It enabled some not so commopn perspectives, and was literally FUN to have!

IMHO, that is. ;-)

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wetsleet: Olympus are not the only ones. But why is camera design still trammelled by the dictates of film canister, take up spool and pentaprism?

Since is a simple and aesthetically also a beautiful design, of course.
Some cameras actually have been designed a bit away from this "generic" type, but have failed commercially. Olympus know this is the way, design wise, from experience and, most probably, from market research too.

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ripleysbaby: Plasticky. Thats me out then. The build of the previous versions was one of its best features

It does not state it is plasticky! Just "more plasticky" than the present E-M5 mk2 model. Which only says it´s not exactly AS sturdy as the present E-M5 version.
It may be "too plasticky" for you, or for me, or it may instead be "un-plasticky enough" for us...nobody knows until it gets released!

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