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Denali park in full fall colors. Most of the aspen will drop their leaves in a week or two.

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Wonderful set of photos!

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Beautiful sharp clean image!

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Beautiful sharp clean image!

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It doesn't look like the 5S was accurately in focus.

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JordanAT: So that means PS/LR CC edition for $9.99 is also available? The original PS/CC press release said that it would be released with LR 5.2.

They do have it available on their website. Its in the special offers menu in the "Buy" menu.

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I wish Adobe had more detailed information on their website about the specifics of this offer. With CS 5.1 they allowed 2 installs total which had to be on the same platform (Win or Mac). They allowed me to switch platforms once but it was not an easy proccess. Hopefully this new cloud option would be less restrictive. The price is good and if you find you dont like it or if they raise the price then you haven't lost much money and there are plenty of alternatives to move on to.

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Thanks so much for posting this. Its the most useful article you have ever posted.

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Sigma DP2M.

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gati: I have a X10, a Olympus xz1 and a Ricoh GRD4. I only shot jpg because I find it boring and timeconsuming to postprocess on computer. I have compared the photos from the three cameras and the X10 stand out as a clear winner. The JPGs from the Fuji X10 are magic, compared, especially to the Ricoh grd4, the diffrence is enorm to Fujis favor. The olypus xz1 is not bad but x10 is in a class of its own. (talking about jpgs straight out of the camera). The ricoh grd4 has a whole lot of ways to control the photos, sharpness, colors etc but in vain, the photos still looks preatty terrible compared to X10. I will keep the X10 because it gives the most pleasing colors on jpgs I have seen so far. The white orbs are ofcourse not a good thing but I have not seen it in any photo so far so for me its not a big deal.


I also looked at the crop comparisons between the X10, XZ1, X1, EX1 etc. and was surprised how blurry the X10 crops were compared to the others in the comparison review. I was thinking about getting the X10 but am hesitating now. Was the comparison poorly done? Are there any other side by side shots elsewhere on the web to compare the X10 to its competition?

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Thank you!

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