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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1205 comments in total)
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FLruckas: So if it focuses 2x as fast as a GH4 while shooting 4k video which was less than half as fast as a GH2 shooting 2k video we'll finally have 4k video autofocus that is almost as good (bad) as a GH2?
Wonder how it will compare to the dual pixel video focus of Canon which can be pretty good.

Users who primarily focus manually probably won't be too concerned about "the old A6000 and 70D having more reliable video AF".

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1205 comments in total)
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Georgeee: Thanks DPreview for the first impression review. Looking forward to seeing the full review, which I regard as the "official review" of a camera product. You guys did great job to quickly publish a review when Canon 5D IV was out.

For photo, full frame always has advantage on image quality. that's physics.
For video, no need for that big sensor, so m4/3 can really compete with others and to be the best. Panasonic made smart choice in that regard.

" even if they could via side by side image/print analysis virtually nobody will really care."

¶ Says who? Says you? Maybe you won't care but most people who are looking for the best quality will care. And last I checked, there are lots of those kinds of people. People like you are still in denial about FF having so much more discernible (or perceived) difference over smaller formats like MFT. It's hilarious.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2081 comments in total)
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vesa1tahti: Oly is from the past. Buy APS-C or FF- Nikons, and you are happy. Cheers.

it's not just about comparing camera bodies. there is also that matter called "lenses". Olympus can never be equal to Nikon or Canon lenses.

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dpfan32: I've shot thousands of photos with my 808 nad this one is no replacement for the good old PureView 808. Sorry: OS is great but the camera is not.

I've been reading all these 808 vs. 1020 comments and it's hilarious to see all the 808 owners (including those who never even owned one) refuse to let their old phone die.
I viewed the photo samples shot by the new 1020 and to be honest, I don't understand what the 808 supporters are crying about. I'm a die-hard iPhone user (since iPhone1) and the 1020 sample images are stunning. But then I have a high-resolution 27-inch monitor w/ a professional graphics board. Maybe I'm seeing something the 1020 bashers are not?

Anyway, this all sounds like the old Laser Disc vs. DVD Which-format-is-better Wars. In this case, the 808 supporters are like the LaserDisc fanatics who simply refuses to accept the fact that DVD technology has surpassed their beloved LD (i.e., Nokia 808). LoL. And these people still stubbornly insist their old laser discs are still much better than even Blu-Ray.
Time to throw away the old Nokia phones. What you perceive as something better is just that -- perception.

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al_in_philly: As one who does a lot of night time street photography, I've been aching for this lens ever since they announced it a while back. The DOF isn't what made it so appealing (actually I don't mid a bit of DOF), the light transmission was. I'm just hoping that they keep it well under $1K.

@Mike Ronesia:

That's not your call. And name-calling is inappropriate. Yabokie may be an irritant and sound annoying but he is far from clueless. He has a few valid points.

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