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Aaaaand....... here come all the experts criticising the price,build,brand,features of specialty lenses they have no intention of buying or ever using.....

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halfwaythere: You could pick up a new Canon 70-200/2.8 IS2 for half the money.

Did you miss the part where this is a Nikon lens?

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OrdinarilyInordinate: I wish they would add better viewing experience, in the sense that Google Photos doesn't seem to respect color calibration profile saved to JPEGs, and its compression/resizing seems more "grainy". The first part is the worst, however. I always dislike sharing my photos with friends via Google Photos or Google Plus because of this, compared to linking Flickr.

I've found google photos to be the absolute best way to share photos with family and friends as well as the easiest to upload sort, view and manage. Being able to access it from all my devices rather than just local storage is unbeatable.

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tkbslc: I'm not too paranoid in general, but I just wonder what is in this for Google. I mean they are hosting Petabytes of photos for free, with no upsell or advertising as a revenue stream like flickr, etc. Why are they doing this and what is the end goal?

I reckon it's just a case of google wanting to get you in the ecosystem. It's just like apple once you start using their product they can make it easy to move horizontally within the company with other products like google maps, google docs, gmail, and the countless other products they now make. They then monetise your information indirectly through targeted advertising, map licensing, and allowing businesses to build their brand through google. Don't forget they now also sell hardware like google phone as well as software that runs other people's hardware

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On article UPDATED: Sony RX100 Mark V real-world samples (285 comments in total)
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dave veneri: Its great that they continue to improve this camera but it still has a major flaw that's plagued it from the inception. The sensor is just too small. There is still crazy amount of sensor bloom and even at base ISO, the images look like water color paintings at 100% making cropping almost impossible. If they add a touch panel and up the sensor size, the camera would be the best selling camera in history. Wont happen so long as Sony continues to flood the market with numerous cameras at higher price points.

Even if they did everything you ask, I'm sure there would still be complaints.
For the size of the camera they have reached the current limit of affordable technology in terms of lens/sensor relationship in such a small body. It will inevitably improve but what we have here is a pretty phenomenal package. Just remember no camera is perfect and when you put in a feature or convenience you also have to make a compromise. So if you want a larger sensor, go for an m43 panasonic, but then you lose the ability to put it in your pants pocket and you also get a much shorter/slower zoom range.

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On article UPDATED: Sony RX100 Mark V real-world samples (285 comments in total)

So many people on these forums find things to complain about it's like a disease. I have the rx1004 and it the image quality excellent. It is a truly pocketable camera that you can carry with you wherever you go and has a load of features and image quality that would have previously been unthinkable in a camera of this size. I think it is an excellent balance of performance and physical size.

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inti4444: I have never a photo bag nor case that i really like.
I try to keep it simple.

For that money... i can almost buy a very fine lens.

you still need a bag or case to put your 'very fine lenses' in and good ones aint cheap, so whats your point?

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I have the manfrotto roller bag 50. I've been very happy with it and it's taken a beating through about 10 countries over 2 years. It looks just like any old carry on and has heaps of space. It's a lot lighter than a think tank. This looks more like the roller 100 version in terms if size. Great quality product.

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I don't need Lightroom as i read on the internet that Capture one is used by real photographers so thats what i want to use if i ever become a professional photographer. Oh, and the subscription model makes me disproportionately angry.

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"built in lens profile applied"
Sony RX100M4
This raw file contains a built-in lens profile for correcting distortion and chromatic aberration. The profile has already been applied automatically to this image.

This is new and awesome!!

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M W B G: These younger generations have no respect for anything. They probably recorded it for Facebook or something so they will eventually get caught. Kids are so dumb these days. Probably because we can't spank them anymore.

Where in the article does it say the vandals are young people? Where does it give any indication of who did this? It doesn't. Stop assuming and blaming.

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On article Sony offers E PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS for Super 35mm/APS-C (128 comments in total)
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NDT0001: This is a great lens for e mount camcorders like the fs7 and fs5. This should have been what Sony originally released instead of the 28-135 which was nowhere near wide enough for doco style applications. Well done Sony.

@straylightrun the 28-135 was released and is sold as an optional kit with the FS7, and the 42mm wide that it turns into on a Super 35 sensor is nowhere near wide enough for most typical applications that the FS7 is best at.

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On article Sony offers E PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS for Super 35mm/APS-C (128 comments in total)

This is a great lens for e mount camcorders like the fs7 and fs5. This should have been what Sony originally released instead of the 28-135 which was nowhere near wide enough for doco style applications. Well done Sony.

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On article Zeiss adds super-wide and tele- options to Milvus line (49 comments in total)
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mgblack74: Nikon: "Announces 105 1.4, $2200 USD. Otus level sharpness".
Public: "Whaaaaat? So expensive! Crazy! Who is Nikon?"

Zeiss: "Announces facelift of existing lenses. Still no AF. $2200"
Public: "ooh! Can't wait! Sounds great! Me likey some Zeiss Miley Cyrus!"

Call me crazy but I guess consumers have different expectations from different brands?

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ttran88: 8 new lenses in one announcement, sigma is not messing around. BTW where's the Nikon F mount? Nikons aren't good for video?

Nikon are not popular in videography, for certain reasons, the EF mounts are just way more common in video world. I think its probably a hang over from the 5Dmk2 revolution when a lot of video guys kitted up and then those ef lenses went on their new c300s or Red Scarletts, and besides nikon lenses focus the opposite way to the industry standard of infinity at the top, which is a problem.

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keepreal: There must be a lot of idiots out there. Otherwise we would not see lenses from Cooke and other manufacturers as such ridiculous prices. I am sure they are nowhere near worth anything, even a lot less than the asking prices.

I would be a lot happier if people with more money than they know what to do with gave it to help those in the poverty trap get educated and motivated to better themselves. Some do of the own accord, but not that many can see how. The divide between the rich and poor has widened since the 2008 credit crunch, the wealthy mostly escaped the consequences but the mostly innocent less well off have faced the brunt of it.

If I thought there would be any chance of success, I'd like to see a worldwide boycott of Cooke, Meyer and other manufacturers behaving like this - not just in optics or photography, by the way.

Your ignorance is truly breathtaking.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2004 comments in total)
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bronxbombers4: If they wanted to really leap to the top again they should have given it two DIGICs or had DIGIC 7 ready by now (come on) and then they could have offered 10bit video and/or HDR in 4k (at 30p) and then that would have been something and jumped it ahead of Sony any upcoming Nikon D820 etc. and really become a leader again.

10bit log internal would literally cook the insides of the CPU. DSLR body design have no heat dissipation like video cameras. Its more of a concern they havent included a LOG profile to shoot video in. Good grief, its like 2 steps forward one step back with this company.

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Alphoid: Welps, not something I'd ever buy. $2500 and no autofocus. Not criticizing, but not all too useful for still work.

I dig the interchangeable mount. I was very excited when Sigma introduced that, and then sad when it went to less than a handful of lenses, and then nowhere. Although now that I'm seeing no A-mount.... Or Pentax....

No cine lens in the world has autofocus, because autofocus is not used in the cine world. Its not a stills lens, so why would you say its not useful for stills work????

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Great market move by samyang. These cine lenses are great quality optically and have all the features and functionality budget cine shooters need. At half the price of the Zeiss cp.2 and Schneider Xenon competitors, the price is simply unbelievable in comparison to other cine glass, these are the definition of bang for buck.

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Daryl Cheshire: why do these companies market their equipment after elements?
Is helium used in any way?
other companies use titanium to flog the product without using titanium, like graphics cards.
Sometimes titanium is used in making torches or watches.
I did read about Seagate or WD selling hard disks filled with helium but what does it do with cameras?
If helium filled lenses prevent condensation, then it's cheaper to use nitrogen.
Why am i commenting about a company that is named after a colour?

What does it matter?

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