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Alphoid: Welps, not something I'd ever buy. $2500 and no autofocus. Not criticizing, but not all too useful for still work.

I dig the interchangeable mount. I was very excited when Sigma introduced that, and then sad when it went to less than a handful of lenses, and then nowhere. Although now that I'm seeing no A-mount.... Or Pentax....

No cine lens in the world has autofocus, because autofocus is not used in the cine world. Its not a stills lens, so why would you say its not useful for stills work????

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Great market move by samyang. These cine lenses are great quality optically and have all the features and functionality budget cine shooters need. At half the price of the Zeiss cp.2 and Schneider Xenon competitors, the price is simply unbelievable in comparison to other cine glass, these are the definition of bang for buck.

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Daryl Cheshire: why do these companies market their equipment after elements?
Is helium used in any way?
other companies use titanium to flog the product without using titanium, like graphics cards.
Sometimes titanium is used in making torches or watches.
I did read about Seagate or WD selling hard disks filled with helium but what does it do with cameras?
If helium filled lenses prevent condensation, then it's cheaper to use nitrogen.
Why am i commenting about a company that is named after a colour?

What does it matter?

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M1963: So, in the 16th year of this century there are people still doing long exposures by the seaside, spending several hours in the cold and damp to make pictures that a million people had made before and that no one really cares about anymore.
How quaint...

I hope you never reproduce.

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Vanitas Photo: So 149+49 equals 198 multiplied by 12 months is 2376 usd...

Let me propose a REVOLUTIONARY idea, so wild your mind will explode!!!


You grab those 198 bucks and put in them bank for 12 months and buy whatever you want without the worry of having gear that isnt yours.

So basically with my plan you can save around 4600 usd in 2 years to buy whatever you want...

Heres a news flash. Some people actually rent what they need to do a job. They get paid and move on to the next job . I spend around $500 p/m on renting gear. Its essential to running myself as a business. I have a base level of gear, but everything else gets rented. If your a hobbyist it doesn't make sense, but if its your career, its a cost of doing business.

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gizmowiz: It would be soooo nice to have a sensor this size in a small compact carry camera. Maybe someday.

its an APS-c size sensor. There are lots of compact options with APSC size inside. Sony 6300 for example.

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Triplet Perar: Before the TV, people had theatres, and watched live performances. So instead of going to theatres, and practice arts of acting, singing and dancing, we are buying newer and newer TVs and higher definition cams? But I know, I know, an answer will be served below that this progress is in fact more needed than building of new theatres and live performances: what is a performance today if it is not shot in front of a green screen, so that at anytime three hobbits, a flying dragon or a warp-drive-powered starship can be put in it?

But before TV people didn't have much choice for their entertainment, did they?
If you think there are no good performance driven films around that don't require special effects, your watching the wrong stream of movies.

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noflashplease: I shudder to think about the computing resources required to actually edit uncompressed 8K video.

It doesn't work like that. Your editing software makes or uses proxies, you edit off those and then re-conform and the software imports only the bits of 8k footage you have used in the edit. So you never have to deal with editing 8k directly.

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Neez: I don't think they should use chemical elements in the name, unless it's involved in the manufacturing process or something. Do they use helium to make this sensor?? Otherwise, it doesn't seem right to call it the Helium Sensor.

Like if i were to call a car, the Toyota Propane vehicle, people would be all kinds of confused.

You worry too much

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Looks good, but what does it do that a Manfrotto Befree doesn't do for 1/2 the price (1/3 the price for the aluminium version) I frankly don't trust that it will stabilise a heavy payload like a DSRL with 70-200 f2.8 zoom. It may be stable but probably won't eliminate vibration.

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Nielsenius: Smartphone manufacturers are going head over heels trying to convince customers that their phone is a camera replacement. For most people this is true. I used to be an "iPhone photographer," but that changed when I realized how much more engaging the images from a "real camera" could be.

For most people in the world, a smartphone is good enough. Convenience, ease of use and low standards are the holy trinity.

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On article Sony delays 70-200mm GM lens until September (66 comments in total)

The recent earthquake in Japan impacted heavily on their supply chain and it seems most of their back-orderer products have a scheduled availability of September. What i cant understand is why some of their products that are 'made in china' are affected also.

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SaltLakeGuy: Sorry guys if I offended you regarding your endless desire to mix and match. To me it's a bit like a "low rider", they butcher up a car to modify it beyond it's original design for their own amusement. Hey, it's a free country, knock yourselves out as it's your $$$ that supports their mechanical experimentation's.

Why is it so hard for you to accept that people don't want to rebuy their L lenses to fit on a more advanced body? Your arrogance is breathtaking.

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Marksphoto: im not a big fan of the color off the sony sensor, it looks like the quality is high but just the hues turn me off

@ suave . What on earth do you mean? have you ever tried correcting a horrible reddish skin tone from a Sony camera or cyan sky from a Canon camera? Not all cameras are equal. Compare a great natural skin tone from a fujifilm camera to a sony body.

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alextardif: Meh... all this adapted nonsense is just that for now... nonsense.

Whats nonsensical about using your existing collection of professional EF mount glass on the latest Sony bodies...?

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Aasmund G: It's getting to the point where the best Canon mount body is a Sony, and the best sensibly priced lenses for Sony are Canons

It's already there.

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On article Hasselblad to announce 'game changer' next week (457 comments in total)

I would like to vote for "game changer" as the most over-used phrase of the internet era.

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Jason, you sure picked a great time to be on the East coast and Sydney, the usually hard Aussie sun is softened just enough in winter and Sydney is going off with The Vivid festival of light.

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Gesture: Wonderful photographer but really sad that this genre is about shooting a mini-movie and picking the best frame. Instead of anticipating, hitting the mark, being willing to accept what time and incident give us.

@ gesture. Its all well and good to make statement like that sitting at your keyboard. Its another thing entirely being out in the field shooting a brief that you will have to present to your bosses. It really doesn't matter how you get the shot, all that matters is that you deliver what your paid to deliver, and get called back on the next one.

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Biowizard: There was a time when a camera simply measured the actual light coming in through the entirely passive lens, adjusted for the reported aperture setting (trasmitted via a mechanical lever), and made the perfect exposure on a fixed-ISO sensor (called film).

Frankly, the idea that a LENS needs firmware is appalling. So many lines of computer code trying to compensate for manufacturing shortcuts which, once upon a time, were sorted by decent design, gear reductions and the pitch of helical-cut metal.


@butterflySkies lots of advantages where the lens registers to the body and many lens corrections are done by the camera body, like vignetting, chromatic aberrations and distortions etc. Lots of these can be done in post-software but as the lenses talk to the body and give the specific settings its all done in-body without you noticing. It also gives the advantage of smaller and cheaper glass as corrections are software based and not done with extra lens elements. And yes, rotary and non-cordless telephones don't require a power outlet to function, they just need to be plugged into a phone outlet in your house.

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