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virtualreality: Ikea are NiMH that need to be charged frequently, Eneloop is "always ready", they keep their charge for months. Comparing apples to oranges.

No, they are not. I compared them, and they do not hold the charge for more than 3 days. Stop lying.

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DPReview007: I just checked DXO Mark. My four year old Sony RX100 II pocket camera, with a much smaller sensor, at a quarter of the price, has higher DR at base ISO than the Canon 6D II...

Not surprised hedge funds have large short positions in Canon stock. The iPhone shoots 4K 60p video.

It appears Canon's management still doesn't get it.

DXO mark is nothing but BS. Those ratings mean nothing in real life use. You people crack me up with your silly comparisons. 6D mark ii will run circles around rx100II and then some

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I'll wait for a moonshine photography course.

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The old DMC LX100 that I bought at BH for $495 is now $648. Nuts!

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On article Review: Rylo is a 360º camera done right (81 comments in total)

overpriced and useless (not even full 1080p) in terms of quality. $100 would be too much for this, let alone $500

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The senate just approved the spying bill

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King of Song: Although his videos are highly produced, Kai is the most obnoxious, condescending, disrespectful, purebred a-hole on earth. He needs to be tied to a post, and horsewhipped.

What a shame he is featured and promoted on DPR…..

Hopefully you don't really mean that, otherwise, you should try your own remedy before wishing it on others.

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Turns out it's not a killer. Just an overpriced wannabe.

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BfSkinner: Does Picasa still exist? Please tell me it does.
I unfortunately signed up for Google+, and it turned my easy Picasa photo storage/sharing into a confusing Facebook thingy.

Hopefully I can get back to the old fashion Picasa system.

Errr... Google is our friend :)

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