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For anyone interested on the background of these moldy cameras, they belonged to my mom's cousin who passed at 93. He was a working photographer for most of his life. He had stored these in his garage in Houston TX of all places. That is where the mold came from. I thought someone would have put them in a glass case for show as one of the members suggested but I don't think that was the case. He must have been a genius repairman to get them up and running again.

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princecody: Is this superior to the Sony RX100M5 now? The new 1 inch sensor compact camera King??

much brighter lens on the sony, but so little zoom. So really depends on what you use it for. The Panasonic would be my choice for all around travel camera. The Sony RX10iii would give you more zoom but much larger and more weight.

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my jet image.

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I was in Columbia South Carolina and caught a Jet in my frame as well. Difference is he was quick on the draw getting it up to the wire. I just won a local photo contest.

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Davud: Put it on a speed booster and mount it on E-M1 II. Then the fun begins.
10mm f/1.0 and 10 seconds handheld possibility.

You get 10mm but then must multiply x2 for small sensor so end up with a 20. Also noise from 4/3 sensors are just not clean enough.

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Deorum: ok, but the sound is tottaly bogus

Just slowed down sound

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Nikon fm-2 was a great little camera as was the F2. I could afford the camera but not the film and processing. Besides I tore out my darkroom years ago. Much more joy in photoshop and Lightroom.

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If he looses the drone industry may suffer greatly.

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Antek R: I am trying to post an image of my first camera, Polish-made Druh (a 6cm x 6cm box camera) but somehow pasting pictures does not seem to work here.

I posted to Flickr first then put link.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Our first cameras (393 comments in total)

My first film camera was this used graphic35.
You had two viewfinders, one to make the ghosted yellow image line up in and the other to frame the shot. The two big levers on each side of the lens were used to pull or push the lens in and out. After seeing a roll of Kodachrome projected on the big screen I was hooked. My first digital was an early Olympus point and shoot in the 4 MP range that ate 4 aa batteries every 50 shots. Using full frame D800E, Olympus tough TG4, and Panasonic GH4 these days.

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folks were replacing skies in the days of glass plates. Nothing new here. Making it easier is better as long as desired results are achieved. I love adobe for time saved in removing wires and other objects in a scene, just another tool in the toolbox.

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bmwzimmer: EOS M5 does have a certain charm to it. If I was to recommend an all around camera for someone like a soccer mom who doesn't know photography very well and also likes to shoot some video, I'd highly recommend the M5. This is the same customer who will never use anything other than the kit lens and perhaps add a slow telephoto and shoot in Auto all the time. It will likely outsell the next closest competitor 5:1 if not more as this camera will be available at every Costco/Walmart/Target

@ttran88 They do if they live in Beverly Hills

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Outstanding, loved the music as well.

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Oh I had a pulitzer winning shot but I underexposed it by two stops and can't recover the image in jpeg.

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J A C S: What is VR?

VR is Virtual Reality. There was a time on the internet not too long ago where you would make a series of sweeping panoramic in all directions and stitch them together to form a VR image. Using quicktime software you could pan around in this image. New generation is going to allow you to create a moving video with the same principle, but instantly.

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probably quite nice for video work

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HUGE improvement! Works great on iMac with both Safari and Chrome browser. Images fill my 27 inch screen quite nicely.

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Nice Retirement package for Lynda

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On article Video: Capturing nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II (207 comments in total)

Very well put together video. Enjoyed the format very much.

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On article Sony unleashes Cyber-shot RX100 II with BSI CMOS sensor (174 comments in total)
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Combatmedic870: Im disappointed.... I really feel they could have done more with it. Heck I could have improved it more then this(front dial, 1/4000 SS, Improved the lens)!

Well....Im sure its a good camera.

I like the compactness of this camera and it's added features but I have to say I would probably make better images with adding a small hip pack and inserting the Sony NEX-6 with better everything for only about $150 more w/kit lens.

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