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On article SD card labeling for 4K video announced (50 comments in total)
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JWest: Rather than yet another confusing and ultimately meaningless logo, couldn't we just get the sustained read and write speeds printed on the card? If I have to explain to one more person the difference between SDHC, SDXC, SDIO, class 2, class 4, class 6, class 10, UHS-I, UHS-II, UHS speed grade 1, UHS speed grade 3... aargh!

Do you want to know random read/write speeds or sequential speeds? What block size is your device using since that also affects speed?

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On article Adobe hack affects 38 million users, not 2.9 million (156 comments in total)

Sophos (anti-virus vendors) are now reporting that 150 million Adobe user records have been breached. The passwords were encrypted (which is bad, they should have been hashed) and no salt was added to the password so it is easy to determine which users have the same passwords. The password hints are unencrypted so in many cases there are numerous password hints for the same password which will make password guessing much easier. And the encryption method used was triple-DES which is obsolete, using ECB mode which is not as secure as CBC mode. Basically Adobe did all the things security people have been advising not to do for several years.

EDIT: check whether your email address is on thelist here:

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David Elliott Lewis: The real compromise in this camera is not so much in its small sensor size but in it's huge data compression rates. Based on the announced recording time of a half hour on a 32gb memory card, this camera is only processing 17gb per second. Given that professional video records at 30gb to 50gb a second and cinematic (e.g. Red, Alexa) record at data rates from 120gb to 250gb (Gigabytes per second), this camera is forcing some severe compromises on video quality. I would expect to see many visual artifacts from this high video compression rate.

David, you need to check your math, those figures are nonsense.

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On photo Odd Ball in the Tiny Things challenge (18 comments in total)

Is this a photo or is it computer generated?

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Anyone that doesn't believe that memories can be manipulated may want to read the book 'The Invisible Gorilla', the human memory does not work in the way that many people think it does.

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Camediadude: To do before I croak: Watch a 4k movie (can you imagine a movie like say Avatar 2 in 4k, wow...)

Knowing, Disctrict 9, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, April Showers, all shot in 4k. Not all cinemas were able able to screen them in 4k but many did.

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Camediadude: To do before I croak: Watch a 4k movie (can you imagine a movie like say Avatar 2 in 4k, wow...)

Most modern cinema projectors are 4k, so just go to the cinema.

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Samsung want to make new products and are looking for a USP, and the carriers want to make money from data plans. Notice how the customer doesn't figure in to this at all.

As for automatically backing up your vacation photos while you sleep, I don't think you would get much sleep when you get home and see the size of the bill. My network provider charges for roaming data: £3.07 per MB in EU, £6 per MB outside EU. Which means sending one single 4MB Jpeg from the far east would cost £24. No thanks. Most hotels offer Wifi these days which is likely to be a much cheaper option.

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