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Your shooting style and preferences should dictate the sensor size you are using. Currently, I love my V3 with lens equivalents ranging from 18-800mm. It's my walk around camera and given I'm pretty much processing for a computer/TV/iPad screen, it's more than enough.
For low light walk around and family pics, it's the G1X MkII.
Now, if I were to take a photo vacation to the Grand Canyon or any the major National Parks in the US, it would be full frame all the way as I would be shooting to hang something on my wall. It's about the right tool for the job.

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Quote: We were disappointed we couldn't directly set exposure compensation changes to one of the command dials - a feature found on Nikon DSLRs.

Umm. Set Fn2 to Exposure Compensation.. press on the rear control dial bring it up and turn to adjust.. press again and done. Couldn't be simpler.

I'm probably the only owner of the two most bashed cameras on DPReview.. the Nikon V3 and the Canon G1X MkII. Nikon for daylight and lens selection.. have the trifecta 6.7-13VR, 10-100VR and 70-300VR and the Canon for low light and when I need flash.
From an handling POV and my uses (rarely print large), I'm not missing my DSLRs at all. For me, it's fit for purpose with some niggles mostly with the flash system. YMMV.

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Preface: I've been using Canon since the 10D and have had every camera in the series except the 60D and now have the 70D (sold my 7D). I've spent the last couple of hours processing some 70D pics and looking at some of the work I've done with the 40D, 50D and 7D.

I can honestly say, IMO, that the IQ difference amongst the cameras it's evolutionary/incremental at best. I tend to shoot landscape and architecture on a tripod and from an interface ease of use perspective, the 70D is by far the best of the series for my particular use cases. Live view shooting is simply fabulous and I enjoy it as a walk around camera.

WRT the review and as a 70D owner, I was thrilled to see the 70D get a Gold Award but I find it a little hard to swallow from an IQ perspective due to the incremental changes. Love the better Hi ISO but in no way this is a revolutionary IQ camera even relative to the 40D.
Anyway, for me, it suits my style. For better IQ, it's time for a 5D3.

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