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StefanW: Does it come with lens and camera profiles? It has a correction tool, yes, but the big time saver is when the photo tool already comes with tons of profiles ... instead of every user needs to create his own ones.

Actually also the automatic ISO-dependent profiles that are applied when importing files is a huge benefit and big time saver of LR.

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Does it come with lens and camera profiles? It has a correction tool, yes, but the big time saver is when the photo tool already comes with tons of profiles ... instead of every user needs to create his own ones.

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snapa: They look like two great lenses, now... if or when the m4/3 system could ever come up with a 'real' new/improved sensor that could take advantage of them, it may become a viable system.
Until then, it's just a 16MP system because of the very OLD outdated technology sensors. Great lenses need a great sensor behind them to take full advantage of them. Also, most of the best m4/3 cameras have become way too big and expensive, IMO.
Look at what Sony has done with it's 1" sensor in its RX100 & RX10 series cameras ;)

There are already 20MP options out there for a while and with sensor shift you get even 50MP images. While for portrait the sensor shift doesn't make sense, but for landscape it is a fantastic option.

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Consider bankruptcy: maybe not likely for a big company like Adobe but can happen. From one day to the next servers might be shut down. Therefore I don't want this dependency to a server.

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I think the biggest let down is that in a rapidly declining market everybody expects to get something better from an expensive dedicated camera than from a smartphone. So far for most users the major advantage of dedicated cameras is the superior image quality.
As the big camera makers are failing in respect of easy sharing images and videos like the smartphones do and as the smartphones add dual lenses and smart software to enhance images more and more, the big camera makers should at least excel in image and video quality. So bringing out a new, expensive camera without 4k, without fast, small, lightweight zooms and stabilized primes proves that the gap narrows more and more down in respect to image/video quality. And that is very disappointing.
Dual pixel is very nice, but fast focussing alone is not enough ... see the Nikon 1 R.I.P.

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Of course they can't disclose their roadmap and because of culture aspects and not loosing their face they can't confirm they had done anything wrong in the past and would do it differently if they would start all over again.

Even though I typically expect these kind of political answers that don't say anything I am surprised that most of the answers are even more extreme as they sound like Nikon don't need to do much development in the future because their current products match already everything the customers might demand.

Maybe Nikon meets the customer demand of the Japanese market, but looking at the overall declining sales of Nikon, maybe Nikon should rethink their answers ... actually rather rethink their strategy.

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wootpile: Go ahead n mount it the same way as demonstrated and your hotshoe will be bent and broken in less than a day of use. anyone should be able to see the physical strain that such imbalance on a small support creates.

LOL - dumbest hack I've ever seen. Irreparable material fatigue in one day flat.

If you must try this: mount it on the base.

First with the velcro you can adjust the balance if that is of your concern. Second Andy Crowe mentioned the portrait mode. Here the forces on the hot shoe with a big flash like the SB-910 and 4 batteries included are not balanced at all and much higher than this battery pack here in either portrait or landscape mode.

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Regarding the scene:
Having twice the brushes, color tubes and cards in the scene doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Instead I would prefer additional objects, something like the globe (of the old scene). The different text sizes on the globe were nice for comparison of resolution and high ISO capabilities of different cameras side by side and which texts can still be read. Different text sizes are relevant to allow also a distinction or comparison for the future when the cameras in maybe 4 years come with the a 100MP sensor.

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Boissez: This is the first cameraphone that truly cuts the mustard. However I don't believe I'll buy it unless they'll put in some sort of protection for the lens. Such a shame really because the quality seems to exceed my current lx3 in a pocketable form factor (the phone part is just a bonus). Oh and RAW would be nice too but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

While the Gorilla Glass helps against scratches a typical problem of phones is the dust that gets between the glass and the lens ... especially when carrying the phone without protection shell in your pockets.

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