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axlotl: Mr Tokura correctly identified continuous autofocus and EVF performance as constraints to mirrorless development. But he failed to mention shutter shock which is the bane of mirrorless camera systems right now. The definitive solution to this problem is a sensor which supports global shutter. Does Canon have one of those in the wings ?

Black magic has 4K video camera with global shutter.

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According to the spec, G5X and G9X shoot 14bit raw, while G7X does 12bit...

Any idea about RX100 M3 or M4 is 14bit??

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Very very good corner sharpness @F2.0

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rsf3127: I am looking forward for the comparison of this camera in with other 1" sensor cameras.

G7X get 71, better than DXO ONE
both 1 inch sensor

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full size sample PLZ...

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Emacs23: I tried Prime and I must say one can better buy Topaz Denoise instead of upgrade to the new version (as I did), it just doesn't worth it. The luminance NR was already best built in NR on the market in v8, the new one advanced it even further, but it is too painfully slow. Topaz denoise is faster (and better in detail preservation). Just my $0.02.
BTW, it was my last purchase of DxO stuff. These improvements don't worth new major version. +0.5 at best, definitely not +1.0

Why these two pictures have different brightness and color?

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neo_nights: No one knows WHICH Powershot it is? I'm curious about that!

It's a powershot A520 reported by Taiwan newspaper.

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Please DPREVIEW privide all RAW files in this showdown !!!

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limeng: i think i discovered a problem...

its about the white balance. in one photo, it turns to magenta on the left side, and turns to green on the right side.

you can see that with the "building" photo, and some other photos.

and see this(its so obvious!):
bigger version for this photo on this site:

After downsizing to 8MP, resolusion of 808 pureview is quite good in base ISO.Check this set~

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