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  • If they are going to produce an SLR then I would like a film camera that takes the same batteries as my DSLR and has the focus system if the K3III.  The issue I would have with a full mechanical ...
  • As an owner of many film cameras from large format to 110 I was thinking what could Pentax make that would make me part with some money. The world is awash in plastic point and shoots from the...

  • Initially I missed that you have the FA 50 1.4 which I also have and find a poor performer wide open.  YES the 43 is an upgrade for certain and great wide open .
  • I have only APS-c cameras and the Non HD version  and it’s a very good lens with them but when I put it on one of my film cameras and utilize it’s full potential it’s magic.  If I’m going to put ...
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    With the K3III we have paid for all the engineering that went into the 307000 pixel metering sensor and the programming behind  it why would you circumvent that?  And if you want to all those ...
  • Replied in No and Yes
    No a K-01 isn’t a good replacement but yes  it’s worth that money. I would rather give up one of my older DSLRs than my K-01 which I found to be a pretty good travel camera.
  • Replied in C&C please.
    Since you asked.  A little more room in front of the boat would have been ideal.  Also not something you had control over but the bottom left corner wake is a break from the larger wave pattern ...
  • My apologies English language subtleties can be difficult for anyone.  By saying my in front of the Olympus and not the Pentax it implies you only own the Olympus. I would have naturally written ...
  • What are you trying to solve?  You’ve already spent money on an Olympus E-M1X which I assume is an excellent camera why not use it to take pictures.  Pentax isn’t going to go mirrorless certainly ...
  • Nice images thanks for sharing.  I’ve always enjoyed using the Q cameras but haven’t had an opportunity lately that would make bringing them worthwhile.
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    How about a kmount TLR so they could sell twice as many lenses.  Then I could focus in ground glass which is what I really want.
  • Nice I just got back from a place where the sky is normally so clear it’s breathtaking but of course it was cloudy and rained the entire time as was there.   No K3III Astro for me.
  • That’s interesting how a petal came loose in one of the images
  • Completely missed the best feature of the camera not to be found on any other non Konica point and shoot, the time exposure. Mount it on a tripod in the dark and do light painting or star trails or...

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    I am all in on the optical viewfinder.  Ricoh made a choice to diverge from the herd and that suits me fine.  Now a digital camera with some ground glass you’ve got me interested.
  • Ummm a microfibre cloth is likely to leave micro fingers behind. I’ve used the Pentax O-ICK1 on my Pentax cameras only a few times that it’s been necessary and it does a perfect job. It only...

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    K3III it’s the best DSLR Pentax has made.what more can I say. it’s my fourth Pentax DSLR K10D,K7,K3,K3iii
  • I have the transparent FF9SD which is a decent point and shoot as well as being a conversation piece. However this camera looks like the Swatch of cameras which is interesting but not $$$$...

  • I can’t argue about cameras I haven’t handled but as for the Pentax K1 I would say the K3III is better handling and more refined camera and controls and deserves to be higher up in he list if the...

  • I have a number of reasons to continue to shoot film. One of them is it gives me a chance to use many different cameras that are enjoyable themselves. Another one is the look of a silver gelatine ...
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