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Peiasdf: SONY contributed more to consumer photography in the last 10 years than any other companies, perhaps all other companies combined. Without SONY stepping in after Minolta, we won't have IBIS on FF, 1" sensor and FF compact, APS-C and FF mirrorless, cheap MF, on sensor PDAF, crazy tilty screen.

Yeah, Sony needed years just to put touchscreen on their cameras, what an innovation! Interesting, good and affordable APS-C lenses - maybe next decade.

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Real medium format should be at least 60x45mm or 56x56mm. The difference between 36x24 and 44x33 is not that impressive, except for the price :)

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On article BenQ announces 32" 4K high dynamic range monitor (84 comments in total)

Interesting, I'm currently using SW2700PT and it's more than enough for my needs.

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On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (465 comments in total)

I have tested M3 too a year ago. It just made me want to sell my M gear as I did recently. I really liked 11-22 and even slow 22 2.0. But Canon clearly don't want to make big steps ahead there.

A year after that nothing changed:
- Very slow Continuous AF serial shot.
- Not impressive AF results with EF lenses with adapter
- No bright prime above 22mm (28 is not!).

Here is my translated review (click the example pictures to see them):

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On article 19 tips for better live music photography (108 comments in total)

Nice tips for concert shots! For me rule number one is have a fun - if you like the band it's a pleasure to make photography :)
To have such opportunities to use big camera like D750 and go front and back you need a photo pass in my country, which is almost impossible for freelancers...
So I'm using the opportunities for festivals abroad, my latest gallery from Masters of Rock, Czech Republic -
^^That's without photo pass, just my compact mirrorless camera and lenses.

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On article Good genes: Samsung NX500 review posted (523 comments in total)

Very real review according to my impressions with NX500. It's very nice camera and very nice improvement over my NX300. I'll probably get one soon. Here is my review posted recently in the forums -

Samsung put NX500 too high in their line(same sensor and focus from NX1) and left no space for NX50, now there is a gap, especially in price.

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noncho: I have the old Meyer-Gorlitz Trioplan 100 2.8 and it's interesting, but I would not buy expensive new one. Here are some examples with mine -

Thank you both, it's an interesting lens to play with :)

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I have the old Meyer-Gorlitz Trioplan 100 2.8 and it's interesting, but I would not buy expensive new one. Here are some examples with mine -

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Canon is taking it seriously ... about the price.

5 frames raw buffer does not sound seriously to me (I have M + 3 lenses now).

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On article Kodak announces IM5 Android smartphone (44 comments in total)

Sounds like a phone for 150$ from China... And when hit the shelves the competitors be with 2GB RAM, 16 ROM and FULL HD screens.

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It's great - now we have more options with interesting bright lenses and bigger sensors in compact cameras. I think even casual P&S people can see benefits from that. Now it's time to spread that in lower price models - give them relatively bright lenses and 1/1.7 sensors and you will have good cheap compact winners.

Link | Posted on Sep 19, 2014 at 06:41 UTC as 70th comment

I was interested in this lens when it was announced more than a year ago, but now... It's too big(for M) and too expensive for a lens without AF(it's much higher than Samyang 14 2.8!). This one should be perfect optically to be considered.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Real-world Samples (162 comments in total)

I had a great expectations for RX10 and I was on a Sony presentation to touch it few days ago. Now I'm not so exited about it - it's uncomfortable for my hand, manual zoom with motor is very annoying, the pictures taken at 1600 ISO were with bad details(the sensor is between 1/1.7 and APS-C, but for me the details were closer 1/1.7(G15)), the focus could be faster.

I'll wait for new lens for my EOS-M when I want a compact camera.

Link | Posted on Nov 1, 2013 at 12:05 UTC as 19th comment | 1 reply

I was thinking about 10-12mm EF-S prime for a while and I don't think MF is problem on ultrawide lenses. If it's good quality and cheaper than 14 2.8 I'll go for it :)

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