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Lensmate: Not only is this super dumb, but super depressing that we are becoming like this. Before long, we will have to pay sidewalk tolls via cellphone's everywhere we go......eye tax for anything we look at....air tax sunshine tax, anything 'aesthetic' tax ....and on and on goes the human reduction.
The world is going to hell in a hand basket........left me off please!!!!

George Harrison was so right!

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<i>" The projector is located in the for the Yoga line characteristic rounded base that also houses the device's battery pack. "</i>

I'm missing something there???

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On article HTC introduces the RE digital camera (97 comments in total)

Now I've got something for each hand.

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On article Ricoh expands Q series with Pentax Q-S1 (331 comments in total)

Unless there's a 'leopard skin' one I'll have to settle for the pink I guess.

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Left in 72...never went back.

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<i>"For customers that do not wish to transfer images over the Internet..."</i>

Exactly...imagine the new server space the NSA will need as this technology spreads and they now have to store everyone's pictures.

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On article In photos: Taking the lid off America's trash cans (38 comments in total)
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RichRMA: Recycling is now a $500 billion year business. It's also a monumental scam in some cases, making money for select companies while taxpayers subsidize collection. The business is so large now that Hillary Clinton was at a meeting of recyclers the other day.

My favorite was, I believe Campbell, CA, where you're forced by law to separate trash according to some obscurely devised formula only to have them dump it all together on conveyer belts so some grant funded work program for "hard to hire" folks can re-separate it.

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On article Judge strikes down fine against drone photographer (130 comments in total)

These things, as the cost goes down, will become so prevalent that enforcing "rules' about them will be impossible. Get used to seeing them everywhere.

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On article Tamas Dezso offers glimpse into post-Communist Romania (230 comments in total)

#6 looks like parts of Cleveland.

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TacticDesigns: I've got very little memories from when I was young.

I don't have a good memory.

And when I was young, I wasn't even taking that many pictures.

I'm glad my dad and mom did. :)

"Long ago it must be
I have a photograph
Preserve your memories
They're all that's left you"*

*Paul Simon/Bookends

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On article Rare photos of Rolling Stones emerge from estate sale (106 comments in total)

Great to see pics of Brian Jones. Although the band obviously generated great music post Brian, I always felt the "Stones" as we had grown up with, died with him.

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Got my first 35mm in 67 and learned quite a bit by just playing with it but never studied the technical side photography or how to introduce an artistic element into it. But this interest has now developed and now I always have a camera with me. Now I look at everything as if I were a camera and try to calculate what I would have to do to capture what my imagination has seen. I can believe this is good for the brain.

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With all the attention needed to understand the specs and functional aspects of a camera purchase, has Ricoh actually determined that there are those that just say"Oooh, I want the blue one"?

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<i>"She leaves dresses to weather in her harsh surroundings before photographing them, sometimes for as long as four years."</i>

So, after waiting four years, she photographs one and pastes it against a picture of the sky and....voila!...art?

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Still have my Fuji 'MX500' (1.5MP) that used those SmartMedia cards.

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davidrm: This is nuts. How are we supposed to know if it is any good if we don't know what freakin' camera he was using???????

@ Serenity Now :

Let's hope you are!

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