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  • Variations between software tools will always exist. It is a reflection of the programming vision (priorities and constraints).
    And not all pictures are a potential for corrections. This leaves us...

  • It was on page 2... The terabyte ain't cheap. Thanks.
  • Replied in Waiting for C1
    Canadians show an impressive advantage - sarcasm: Formules et tarifs Creative Cloud | Adobe Creative Cloud at $26 per month, not a bargain.
  • in my limited experience, running the 13th gen as Out Of the Box is pretty fast. I did play with a few 'improvements' and got a number of applications run faster (in the eyes of the beholder). ...
  • Back in the 70s I was involved in researching AI for the purposes of insurance underwriting. Our mainframe just double its memory -- from 32 to 64 (kB) and used batch processing. Doing simple ...
  • Pattern matching can be very complex and sophisticated. BTW, I wonder where the picture of a submarine was taken with water around it. A dry dock?
  • Maybe the real issue is related to C1 new features fountain drying. I know a few users that are now skipping upgrades as they add little to their workflow or the IQ. Running out of steam? Once you ...
  • sort of sarcasm: if you (can) speak to the sales team, I wonder if you could get £82 for everything and the kitchen sink. I use and bought many versions of Capture One. The common denominator is ...
  • Thanks, Jim. This is an area where these tools can be improved (a lot). In these situations, do you use both and compare the output? Photo AI is to image processing what Word Perfect was to text ...
  • Topaz software is dependent on higher end graphics cards. You may have a reasonable system, with, possibly, a graphics card not supported by Topaz. In my situation, I found that the learning curve ...
  • In some cases, you may want to consider the Cloud as backup. For example, Word will save your documents in OneDrive, Microsoft Cloud offering. I also store my operating system on it and use File ...
  • An amazing statistic. For me it is like a lifetime warranty! I believe Robert's view is also worth considering as the large the better in this instance. Speed may also vary by size.
  • All the Topaz tools are available free to test. Your question is a bit hard to answer as 'it depends'. If most of your pictures need ONLY noise removal, using Denoise may prove faster. I had mixed ...
  • Created discussion thread Topaz Photo AI and shaving cream
    I have noticed an interesting behavior using PAI on faces with some hair growth - not a beard, just a day or so of natural growth: the faces are enhanced and shaved . I wished this was April 1st, ...
  • Your comments confirm my suspicions (LOL): the pixel count is not the only factor for better 'captures'. Lens quality, depth of field issues with small sensors, zoom, manual controls, and whatever ...
  • It assumes that the cameras will NOT improve. I see more like a race towards better, faster, cheaper, lighter tools to take pictures. Overall, all tools have a place. And each have their pros and cons.
  • Thanks for your comments. The original version was way more grainy and I wonder if that reflected on the 'subdued' colors. Oddly enough, the dress in the corrected picture is right, as compared ...
  • and how long did it take?
  • There is a built-in editor in Android. But the difficulty is dealing with: (1) Color rendition on the phone and, the SIZE of the screen (2) Croppi ...
  • Created question thread Topaz PAI and Capture One
    My 'new' workflow for previously scanned images as TIFF is: (1) In Capture One: check the White Balance and auto adjust the exposure and levels
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