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6D - August 2014
G1X - Oct 2012
7D - Oct 2009
Focal Micro Adjustment System
50 mm 1.8 Canon
17-40 Canon F4 L
100-400 Canon F4 L
100 mm 2.8 macro Canon
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Canon 2X
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On article Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been officially retired (352 comments in total)
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electrophoto: Ah, well I'm glad that I have switched to Capture One Pro a good while ago and to Affinity Photo... no more Adobe for me....
They can take their subscription and...

And I still use some CS5 side work, along with some filters when I process TIF from scans. C10 has really matured well.

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On article Canon and Microsoft sign patent agreement (73 comments in total)
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DPJoe2: Apple, are you listening? Wake up! Open your eyes. If you are as serious about media as you claim, buy Sony and Nikon. Disrupt the world!

That is why Apple ditched Aperture... it will now focus on core business.

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On article Canon and Microsoft sign patent agreement (73 comments in total)
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Michael Piziak: This should solidify Canon's slow demise.

On what basis can you say solidify slow demise?

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On article Canon and Microsoft sign patent agreement (73 comments in total)
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Sonyshine: Two of the least innovative and most conservative companies getting together ?

They will either produce something which leaves us all gob-smacked with its genius .......or will astonish us with bland dullness.....

I look forward to it.....

Least innovative? Conservative? A lot depends on what part of their business you look at. Canon introduced the Rebel, that triggered a new line of SLR and Microsoft Surface is a real gem. The patent 'blending' may prove valuable for consumers to get better and less expensive products from both companies.

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Not sure the following question makes sense: If you made a DNG file, say in LR2, and convert it using LR4, would you get the current LR4 quality as described in this review or, would the quality remains LR2?

When I upgraded from LR2 to 3 and now 4, and from Capture One Pro 3 to 7, I can say that my older RAW images got a real boost in quality. I was wondering if the same happens with DNG files.

BTW, the negative of this situation is that I am tempted to reprocess some older images... when I have the time.

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photo_rb: Couple things I didn't see when skiming through the article. First Capture One has the ability to output a number of different formats at the same time. Just choose them, click develop, and walk away. As far as I can see with Lightroom, you have to output each one separately which takes time.

Also the keystone correction tool in Capture One is brilliant and anyone doing architectural photography should look at it, even if they use a shift lens as you don't always get the camera level.

I saw none of these features noted. I use both C1 and LR4. But, in most cases, I do the RAW conversion in C1, using LR4 as mostly a keywording application and permanent storage catalog. I am still not comfortable with Capture One database.

A good analysis, though, and I am pleased to see that your mileage may vary. I am wondering about the selection of software. What was it based on?

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On article The Lightroom catalog (299 comments in total)
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EssexAsh: can you put a catalog on a network drive yet so that multiple devices can connect in to it?

Well explained. I would not consider SQLite as a strong contender for multiuser applications. One can develop locking mechanisms for it, though, within the internal to the application, like Capture One is now doing with the same db, I believe.

There is a market for a well designed, multi user database system for storing and cataloguing pictures and other media. I am still looking. One of its features could be storing various metadata, depending on the application used to create it (like XMP for LT or CO for Capture One.)

Thanks for your information.

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On article Phase One releases Capture One Pro v7 (99 comments in total)
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Jefftan: Can some Capture One user explain how this is better than lightroom?
better color?
I have heard NR is not as good

Just curious on how anyone can say that LR4 is better than C1 Version 7 just announced?

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JackM: Seriously who buys red cameras? I have never seen one in the wild.

My wife's feelings are now deeply hurt!

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peevee1: EOS M with the adapter seems like a good backup camera for a professional with 7D, not taking too much space and weight (although I don't know how much the adapter weighs). But as an only system in your home, there are much, MUCH better choices from Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung.

I agree. But if your are a Canon System user, it makes a lot of sens... The G1 X was interesting, this one is worth a double, triple look. A tad steep. price wise. I like the external flash - almost a must on such a small body with these HUGE lenses (not counting any lens hood.

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I need one...

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