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First GX9 Observations Micro Four Thirds Talk 2 months ago
Olympus 17mm f/1.8 black $275; Kenko extension tubes (11 and 16mm) $60 + freebie For Sale and Wanted 2 months ago
Considering a GX85...questions Micro Four Thirds Talk 2 months ago
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What happened to Digidog? Printers and Printing 5 months ago
Qimage is finally coming to Mac Printers and Printing 6 months ago
Recommended External Flash for G85 Micro Four Thirds Talk 7 months ago
New Lightroom CC (cloud based) Retouching 8 months ago
GX85 external viewfinder? Micro Four Thirds Talk 9 months ago
The writing is on the wall for JPEG, and maybe raw too? Micro Four Thirds Talk 10 months ago
Good 3rd party TTL flash for olympus Micro Four Thirds Talk 10 months ago
Will Godox TT350 O work on a Nikon? Micro Four Thirds Talk 10 months ago
How often do we need to calibrate our monitors these days? Micro Four Thirds Talk 10 months ago
Can a person with only ONE eye use VR goggles,etc? PC Talk 10 months ago
Red River Fine Art papers - 20% off.... Printers and Printing Jun 27, 2017
Goodness me! I used a polaroid filter! Micro Four Thirds Talk Jun 18, 2017
Chromebooks and Photo Editing Micro Four Thirds Talk May 5, 2017
Need help with external power for GX85 Micro Four Thirds Talk May 4, 2017
FS: Panasonic GX-8 with 12-60 f/3.5-5.6 lens $900, PL 15 $425, PL 25 $425 For Sale and Wanted Apr 6, 2017
R1900 Suddenly Prints Less Blue/More Magenta Printers and Printing Mar 23, 2017
Upgrading from D90 to M43s / 760D Micro Four Thirds Talk Feb 6, 2017
Does the nifty fifty (25mm) have a spot in your lineup? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 26, 2017
Lens hoods a good idea? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 24, 2017
Panasonic Leica 42.5 Lens Hood Ridiculousness Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 24, 2017
Going to New York for the weekend, safety/tips? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 17, 2017
Lumix GX85. How rugged is a non-weather sealed mirrorless? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 9, 2017
GX80/85 powers up but freezes? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 6, 2017
Linux and ‘Wine’ PC Talk Dec 22, 2015
How on Earth did people manage to take photos 25 years ago? Open Talk Jan 1, 2014
Stupid printer (dpi) question, or maybe not so stupid. Printers and Printing Apr 26, 2013
I really like Dye-Sublimation printers. Any larger ones? Printers and Printing Apr 16, 2013
Best Buy PC Talk Apr 12, 2013
Qimage for Printing vs LR4 Printers and Printing Feb 16, 2013
Yet ANOTHER pigment vs dye thread! Printers and Printing Jun 14, 2012
Cone releases "dye" ink for Epson "pigment" printers Printers and Printing May 24, 2012
LR4 Upgrade Retouching Mar 7, 2012
What's Your Opinion of LightRoom 4 (Beta) ? Retouching Mar 2, 2012
Use QIMAGE ULTIMATE if you print at home Printers and Printing Feb 14, 2012
Lightrooom -- Why do I need it? Retouching Feb 13, 2012
what is a 100% crop? Retouching Feb 12, 2012
costco now refilling cartridges! Printers and Printing Feb 8, 2012
Epson Photo Ink Jet- end of life Printers and Printing Jan 6, 2012
COSTCO Printing First Impressions Printers and Printing Dec 26, 2011
Lightroom vs Elements? PC Talk Dec 8, 2011
Moving LR files on partitioned hard drive. Retouching Nov 29, 2011
Colour / print issue. Retouching Nov 19, 2011
Color Space Help! Retouching Nov 17, 2011
Tthe Brick & mortar camera shop of yesteryear News & Rumors Talk Nov 6, 2011
Aperture and start from scratch Mac Talk Oct 21, 2011
Advice/opinions requested on Epson R2000 printer Printers and Printing Oct 7, 2011