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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1328 comments in total)

I have mixed feelings about the 7D II having used one a lot alongside a MkIV and 1DX.

- The AF is quick I'll give it that - easily on a par with the 1DX and slightly better in low light - but I've found in servo (AI) mode it doesn't lock on as well as either of the 1 series bodies I use, even when set to it's slowest point for tracking. In part I think this is down to it needing a degree of MFA on the 600mm lens I use, something the 1 series bodies have not needed, but I want to be confident in what I use and out of the box I just don't have that confidence with this body.

- The ISO noise is little better than the Mk IV.

- For resolving things at distance the MkIV is much better (as is the 1DX).

Your mileage may vary and I may have received a copy that needs some tweaking. I'm not saying the 7DII is a bad camera and it is an improvement on the original 7D, but I'm sticking with the MkIV and 1DX.

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The price is the price and will fall over time as these things do, but £12k UK = a lot more than Euro 11.8K, so basically Canon are saying buy from a Euro shop if you live in the UK or someone fluffed the press release.

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