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On article Fotodiox Pro launches five GFX lens adapters (77 comments in total)
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Gundamit: "High tolerance contruction" = high tolerance for pricing from consumer? Still if you are jumping in into the GFX that might be a given.

Looking forward to seeing adapted lenses tested.

Has me baffled too. Some sort of marketing jargon perhaps. Or construction that is insensitive to dimensional variations? I think marketing. :-)
edit: google search reveals example of laser encoder that has "high tolerance of mechanical runout". This makes sense. I guess the confusion can come from high tolerance meaning "can cope with" and high tolerance meaning "large variation". And I suppose it's all off topic. apologies.
2nd and final edit! In context of the adapter they probably mean it has high tolerance (can cope with) variations in dimensional accuracy of lenses used.

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On article Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art DxO results: a new king is crowned (249 comments in total)
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siggo: Can't find Canon 85mmF1.2L mk2 lens on the comparison page. Anyone know if they have been compared anywhere? (I know the Sigma is not canon mount, but I am wondering about the lens independent of camera)

My bad, I see Sigma does come in Canon mount. Thanks for the replies. I will stick with the EF 85F1.2 for now despite not being as sharp.

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On article Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art DxO results: a new king is crowned (249 comments in total)

Can't find Canon 85mmF1.2L mk2 lens on the comparison page. Anyone know if they have been compared anywhere? (I know the Sigma is not canon mount, but I am wondering about the lens independent of camera)

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OK it's sponsored by Canon, but there is a warmth in the story and imagery that makes the demonstration of the camera's capabilities subtle enough to be effective but not too intrusive.
A truly excellent and enjoyable video.

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"The images here have been processed in Hasselblad’s Phocus software, which seems to bring out what the camera is good at, requiring very little adjustment."
Guess it was probably a case of no alternative, but great to see the use of the camera maker's software, instead of a third party's beta. Nice to note it also bought out what the camera is good at. Is that a surprise?

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On article Tiny marvel: Panasonic LX10 sample photos (78 comments in total)

(under main photo)....shooting shooting around

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On article Shaking up the market: Pentax K-70 Review (342 comments in total)
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Kenneth Arthur Owen: Ooh, a Sunbeam (Hillman) Imp! The pic shows the handles for the engine cover - and there's the hinged rear window for dumping your Spotmatic in its neveready case onto the rear seat. Brave peeps used to rally those things.

Imp=worst ever cross wind instability! Also lifted a front wheel on hard cornering....but off topic sorry

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mmarian: As the hero from the OZ movie Castle would say, Straight to the pool room!! LOL😂😂😂

Tell him he's dreaming

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Daft Punk: Let's put the "wow ain't that cool !" aspect of this to one side and have a think for a moment.

The issues around invasion of privacy / anti social behaviour / security around this are huge.

Imagine your neighbour or enemy having one of these. It could create considerable conflict.

Tough laws on the use of drones are inevitable. Probably with draconian penalties. Stunts like this, while undoubtedly cool and interesting , will alarm law makers and hasten the application of strict controls.

He was flying over dessert???? Tasty?

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Ian Stuart Forsyth: Its about time,
but darn that price that's a tuffffff little pill!
oh well I guess I am going to be limited to buying one used after someone is done playing around losing interest with the lens and sell it with very little mileage

I really hope that sigma or tamron has something in the works

It's !!!!!!

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beavertown: How do you make selfie video as the articulate screen is in the way of the tripod???

Articulating and hinged on the side like the Canon Powershot Pro-90 with image stabilised 10X zoom lens, from the days before selfies were even thought of.
I still have mine in it's box. (worthless but can't throw it away!) :)

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Australian Market availability ??

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On article Updated: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV real-world sample gallery (485 comments in total)
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sh10453: Great effort for a window of opportunity of just a couple of days.

The models should've dressed in beach clothings. Taking the young lady to a sandy beach in high heels is a bit of torture :-)

Technically speaking, wouldn't it be more appropriate here to process the images using Canon's own software?

Totally agree, why use a 3rd party's beta instead of that provided by the camera mfgr, which surely would be better than beta level and matched to exploit the camera's capability???

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On article Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift: An update (96 comments in total)

Good start. Now would be the appropriate time to establish a policy to include use of bundled software in all reviews. Use third party (Adobe) as well if you wish to show what might be achieved, but learn from this that review should always reflect what the customer would receive.

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On article Waterfails: We test Pentax K-1's Pixel Shift (225 comments in total)
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walgarch: This test has legitimacy, but unfortunately the methodology is flawed.

There are going to be landscape photographers who are interested in this feature and it will influence their possible purchase.

Too bad ACR was used to do RAW conversion. It's obvious that it can't apply motion correction correctly. This flaw has been pointed out on various occasions in various posts and even in TheCameraStoreTV's review of the K-1 ( ) I would've hoped that DPR would be more thorough in this regard instead of giving the impression that pixel shift artefacts are more pronounced and ugly than they really are. And to also point out that applying motion correction via Pentax's silkypix program provides better motion correction than through the in camera JPEG conversion.

The cynic in me thinks the damage is already done and that people will assume pixel shift is not worth it; the optimist in me hope that Adobe will actually support Pentax features more thoroughly

I think the Camera Maker's own raw should always be used at least in addition to ACR. I know the logic of using one raw converter for all cameras is to provide uniformity in comparisons, but it has problems as follows:
(1)Camera maker surely has accurate access to it's own specific needs, and ability to incorporate and tune conversion software algorithms without the need of reverse engineering.
(2)Camera makers provide their conversion software usually as part of purchase.So why isn't it tested with the camera? Sure use ACR as well to show how it compares..
(3)As an analogy, should motoring magazines test cars only with an aftermarket electronic engine/trans/suspension etc control unit "set to the driver's taste"to facilitate comparisons ?

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On photo Biking in the morning in the Landscape Photo with Sun Rays challenge (2 comments in total)

Excellent image, congratulations

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On photo Before Sunset in the Landscape Photo with Sun Rays challenge (9 comments in total)

I'm curious about the horizontal line about 1/8th down from the top. Is it from compositing?
Anyway, nice work and congratulations.

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Kamox: Sure not the same thing, but 1/5 of the price:
if you attach this (Leica-expensive) TS lens (which has a usable area of 36x44mm) to a Canon 5DS R, you'll end up with 92 MP.

Soooo ..LJ-Eljot....If you stitch two exposers together do you get one flasher.?

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On article Behind the Camera: A conversation with Peter Hurley (64 comments in total)

Interesting and informative. The 43 minutes flew past!

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justmeMN: I suspect that the future of still photography is pulling still images out of short high resolution videos. It certainly would help in capturing a "decisive moment".

Spray & Pray with pre shutter capture in 2001 on Olympus E-100RS

Wonder how successful it was.
Sorry a bit off topic

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