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Just followed a link to S1H article, and my attention was caught by Netflix recommendation to "turning off diffraction compensation and vignetting compensation". Now I know that it has nothing to do with the Subject camera but I got an impression that almost all MFT lenses are expect that camera will do it for them (except Sigma's primes maybe, be like Sigma). So, lets say you want to use this camera for video and want to follow to all the Netflix recommendations: Which MFT lenses would you use in this case?

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There is an article on the internet dated to year 2015/09 where Canon's imaging chief Mr Masaya Maeda promises to us "So going forward we will proactively, and let me emphasize that -- proactively -- work on expanding our lineup of EF-S or EF-M lenses".
Article itself is called "Canon Q&A: Imaging chief promises EOS-M for enthusiasts, more and better APS-C lenses <and something about printers>". Link: Almost 5 years later we have 3 new lenses for EF-S and 4 lenses for EF-M.

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lylejk: Didn't earlier versions of this sensor have noise issues? Seem to recall that for some reason. Like the potential of all but eliminating moire not to mention not having to use a bayer filter in the first place meaning each pixel is the true color of the image being captured. Anyway, hope they do make a great sensor before releasing it for sale (not that I could ever afford or justify the cost; lol). :)

@NetMage I read somewhere long time ago that you need to multiply Faveon resolution by 2.4 to get a Bayer equivalent number.

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Bing Chow: How dare he speak with such candor and sincerity!?

Liked because I really hope that it was a sarcasm :)

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CaPi: Would a forveon L-Mount body then be for the photography crowd? Id love to see that.

Waiting for FP-Foveon with 45mm F/2.8 as a replacement for DP2 Merrill.
Because it's in my heart.

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ccardona54: You missed the most important β€œCon”, how Canon sneakily removed the center pin on the hot shoe, preventing you from buying a 3rd party flash. No beginner is going to spend $450 on a Canon flash after buying a $500 camera! This is corporate greed, pure and simple, and a good reason why NO ONE should buy the SL3, beginner or pro.

Am I getting it right: I have Metz 50-AF1 flash which I used on 500D and now using it on 70D but I will NOT be able to use it on THIS one?!

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paleodawg: A pity the ff foveon is only 20mp. Now it only gets larger pixels to make it easier to use. Bu it should be 50 or 60mp to really trump other offerings.

Allow me to be an extremist here and put this bold statement here:
There is no need to apply 'sharpening' for 1:1:1 Faveon image.
Reason: Lets first take a look at all other types of sensors, like Bayer, X-Trans and maybe even Quattro. The whole problem with them is that you need some how to calculate full RGB from partial information and *there is no way to do it with 100% precision*. So you do demosaic admitting that there *will be errors* like colour moire, etc. Idea behind demosaic algorithm is to get those RGB colours, and 'Sharpening' is just one of the tunable parameter of such algorithm, together with other params. The thing is that 1:1:1 photo will give it to you by default, so any extra sharpening on top of it is just extra 'photoshoping'. 1:1:1 is actually the truth you are searching. Of course, as an artist you can and probably will want to twist that truth to achieve your artistic goals but that is another topic.

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paleodawg: A pity the ff foveon is only 20mp. Now it only gets larger pixels to make it easier to use. Bu it should be 50 or 60mp to really trump other offerings.

I read somewhere that you need to multiply Foveon's resolution to 2.4 to get number of pixels that Bayer need to have to get similar details level. I guess it is about 1:1:1 pattern, not sure about Quattro.

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dr.noise: > And we've gone back to the original pixel structure: 1:1:1, so people can expect very nice, rich data from the sensor.

I'm afraid the camera will cost a lot, like $5000, but anyway I'm glad they have returned to the true Foveon.

The best new in photo world (for me personally) for the last year.
BTW, I don't think the price will be too high unless Sigme become greedy and raise it artificially.

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DiffractionLtd: Still depressingly Bayer in nature.

What do you mean by 'detectors'? If I have 16 MP Merrill Foveon (and I have :D ) then how much 'detectors' do I have? 16*3?

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Rob890: very nice images. I wonder how this compares to like a foveon camera because the images, despite looking at from a screen, looks very on par. really nice colors

You can select (as I did :} ) sigma SDQH as second camera on image quality comparison stand and check it your self.

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For crop there is Tamron 60 mm F/2.0 which is AF (not really fast but better then MF anyway).

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mxx: So it's only a matter of time before all photos produced by iPhones and similar wil be fakes in one way or another?

Foveon Merrill photos can be a good candidates for "not fakes" ;)

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