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    5G isn't really necessary for current cell phone usage. I get 180Mbps on LTE. Unlimited data with no throttling for the same price could be useful.
  • You have other providers besides Cox.  Phone around.
  • I'm on a 300/300 plan, that speedtests at 370/370, for the equivalent of $50 USD. The provider now offers up to 1.5Gb service.
  • Passmark single core performance test. Top 18 processors are Intel. Top Intel processor is 13% faster than the top AMD processor (10900F vs 3800XT). TDP for the 10900F is 65W and for the 3800XT is ...
  • I don't have our use a watch.  That's smarter.
  • Intel is still faster for single core performance.
  • Depends on who makes the protector.  You need to search for reviews view Google or on Amazon/Ebay.  Some tempered glass protectors are very hard and do not scratch easily.  Some are easier than ...
  • Wireless chargers take longer to charge the phone, but otherwise do the same job.
  • Depends on your use.  If you're very careful with your phone (don't put it in your pocket with your keys, don't drop it), you can do without a screen protector.  Otherwise something is better than ...
  • I have the RT-AC86U, and trying to access doesn't work from Chrome on my smartphone.  Using the IP address works.
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    Temps are fine.  You might have to lower the RAM speed or slacken the timings or up the RAM voltage a bit.
  • Hard code the router address to something like and then use that as the URL.  Or add an entry to your hosts file for the IP address and use that name.
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  • I didn't really have to read past the first sentence.  Been there, done that, on more than one occasion.
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    It could be a while before the more affordable versions of the 3000 series are available.  So far there's only been speculation on the higher end version (3080/3090) bring released by years end.
  • I've been waiting for 7.5gb myself...
  • Up the RAM.  In put 8GB in my 251+ (QNAP documented maximum), and various QNAP users of my and your model have stated they've successfully upgraded to 16GB.
  • Yes, if the version has enough storage for your needs.
  • I'm a Doom 2 fan - runs fine on Win 10 via different launchers like gzdoom. You might find this interesting:
  • There are a lot of Android apps that allow you to connect to a network share and copy files via WiFi. Network browsing used to be simple and just worked.  Not any more.  Just figure out a)  what ...
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