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On article Behind the Shot: The Shadow Towers (69 comments in total)

5DS photos are huge. Glad to see they weren't too heavy to carry back down to the car.

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Robert Zanatta: The Nokia phones are still impressive.

The Galaxy S7 has noticeably better IQ.

If Apple is using an older sensor, perhaps they are doing so because more of those sensors can be supplied?

Link | Posted on Oct 1, 2016 at 17:08 UTC

The Nokia phones are still impressive.

The Galaxy S7 has noticeably better IQ.

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Daspletosaurus: Adorama's listing it for $2600. For comparison, the Canon 70-200 is currently selling for $1950 - 4% credit, so about $1875. The Nikon 70-200 is going for $2100 - 2% credit, so let's call it $2050. I'd love to know what is it about the Sony that justifies a 30% price premium.

They can justify the price because you don't need an adapter.

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medicus: Hi!
From my point of view it is not absolutely clear wheater the converters are intented for use on the 150-600mm. Due to the aperture AF would not work anymore. This is a rther useless combination.
The lens itself seems to be great.

My Sigma 150-600 on Canon FF with 1.4 TC will still auto focus. I think it lies and tells the camera F8 instead of F9.

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princecody: For the price of the 7 plus Apple should have thrown in the ear buds 👍🏻

You can connect a lightning dock to the end of the phone. It has a 3.5mm jack and a lightning port.

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sderdiarian: 10 Reasons Apple's Launch Drove Me Away:
1) Most newer phones shoot 4K: not new
2) Touting a 2 lens camera as something new: not (LG, HTC)
3) Claiming it took courage to eliminate the headphone jack when they simply want to drive buyers to Beat headphones (which they recently bought), crippling the 7 for non-Apple add-on's
4) Despite having removed the headphone port, the phone is only IP67 rated; the Samsung S7 retains the port and achieves a higher IP68
5) OIS: wow, finally catching up to old tech in other phones
6) 8 month old S7 & G5 shoot RAW: not new
7) Cook & Schiller repeatedly boast of the "beautiful new iPhone 7 design": virtually identical to the 6
8) Same too small 4.7" screen in the 7, too large body in the 7+
9) British accent in their 2 videos on the 7 appeals to pretension in their US fan-base (sorry, Barney): nausea sets in
10) The first 30 minutes is all Mario Bros. and Pokemon-Go: Jobs twirling in his grave
But you got 800+ hits, good job BB :-) !

You forgot to mention the V2 watch. Maybe it will start selling when they come out with a Viridian Blue faux leather strap.

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princecody: For the price of the 7 plus Apple should have thrown in the ear buds 👍🏻

I think the phones will come with headphones that use the lightning port, as well as an adapter for 3.5mm headphones.

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Ran Plett: It's going to be nice to upgrade from the mkII. You'd get 9+ MP, about a stop better low light capability, much, much better DR and exposure lattitude, built in wifi, 2 more fps, far better video functionality, and much better AF. Did I miss anything?

Touch screen, GPS, NFC, integrated intervalometer, new metering sensor, extra stop in low light focusing, anti flicker mode and HDR video, much better resolution rear screen, better mirror vibration control, USB 3, and for Mark III owners the SD card slot no longer cripples the FPS.

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randfee2: why don't you put the 5D3 up as comparison... one shouldn't be hard to come by and that is probably the comparison most people (owners) would like to see.


The first page comparison lists the 5D. Is it supposed to be the 5D III?

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Graham Meale: This was my main reason for upgrading from the III to the IV (which I've pre-ordered). Glad to see my decision vindicated.

And it's nice to be getting information quickly on DPR, even if it's drip feeding! A year or two ago I was getting very frustrated over how long reviews took to appear.

Personally, I find it annoying that DPR is biased towards Sony, Fuji, Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Olympus, ....

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Nobby2016: nice... now please update the 5DS with this new sensor technology.

it´s a damn landscape camera.... if you need lots of DR it´s for landscape photography.

Wildlife photography will definitely benefit from the improved DR.

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El Jeffe: In the future, when sensor and processor technology advances to a point when the rolling shutter effect is finally eliminated, cameras with come with "jello" filters for the trendy new retro look.

Aside from a select few with global shutters and CCD TV cameras they all do it. It is the nature of CMOS sensors. What is the big surprise?
Only a problem if you like waving your camera back and forth.

4K video during an earthquake is not going to look good.

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That video made me feel nauseous.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2169 comments in total)

Is there a built in intervalometer?

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Aroart: I have to give a heads up to Samsung they are pushing the limits... I am a Mac, iPad pro, and 6 plus user .. like the stability ... I wish Apple would start innovating again.. I feel like they've been giving us f.f. with no ketchup .....

Smartphone improvements have been almost exponential for the last few years. I think that the improvement rate slope is now leveling off a lot.

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Can I have just one item from the table?

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Emacs23: I have S7 and the camera is wonderful. But the phone itself is crap-crap-crap: still lagging (samsung veterans say it was even worse in previous models), full of low quality apps like facebook or skype. Cannot recommend it to anyone. Avoid samsung.

You can at least disable them on the S7. Facebook app is hard on the battery. Better to use a browser and just add a bookmark icon to the home screen.

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On article Patents hint at camera on future Apple Watch (34 comments in total)

Thirty seconds of video and the battery will be dead.

Link | Posted on Jun 19, 2016 at 11:22 UTC as 13th comment

I might be interested, but I'll wait for the DXOMark rating.

Link | Posted on Jun 16, 2016 at 21:16 UTC as 52nd comment
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