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Photodog2: Excellent. So are all the other FF cameras these days, and the crop ones are all quite good too. Who the photographer is and where they shoot, the subjects and scenes present, and the lighting are really the main variables these days. You have look for edge cases like ISO 12,800 or above scenes or fast longitudinally moving subjects to see any differences.

I agree. To be honest most people wouldn’t be able to tell a shot taken on a phone to one taken on a ff camera. I recently had a dps published in a mag taken on my iPhone 8. And a front cover using a Xiaomi Yi. The dps shot I also took on a Sony RX100. I binned those - the phone shots were better.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony a6400 review (304 comments in total)

The people most excited about new gear these days are the youtube reviewers who see each fresh camera as new content.

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On article Does sensor size still make a difference? (1067 comments in total)

Give someone with talent a phone or a plate camera and they'll give you back a great image regardless.

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On article Does sensor size still make a difference? (1067 comments in total)
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BubbaHotepUK: Small or large sensors aside, my biggest issue with phoneography is one of ergonomics. I just can't hold a phone steady, compose, make adjustments & take the shot anywhere as near as well I can with even an RX100 or whatever.

I can shoot my iphone one-handed and often do. It isn't even something you have to think about.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the iPhone 4S (93 comments in total)

I got a 4S a few years back so I could contribute to Stockimo. Since then I've gone through a 5S and onto a 6S. I don't think my photos from the later cameras are any better. And I've made money from the 4S and even won a camera with a pic from it so I still view it with affection - and it is certainly the most pleasing design to come out of Apple.

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People have mental disorders - Tell me something I don't know!

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Edgar_in_Indy: Apple, surely knowing that batteries wear out, could have made it so you don't need a technician or special tools to replace the battery. But then again, a battery that can be easily and cheaply replaced might discourage people from upgrading to another $600-$800 Apple phone every couple years.

My wife and I both have Samsung Galaxy S4's that are still running strong after four years. During that time period, I have replaced the batteries twice. The batteries are less than $10 and it only takes a matter of seconds and no tools to pop the back off to access the battery.

Opening up the back also gives you access to the SD card slot...which is something else Apple doesn't dare to give their customers!

The battery is pretty easily replaced. I've done loads over the years for my kids phones - along with screens!

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Alex Foong: I have been an Iphone user all these years. Come-on Apple you don't need to increase your selling cost "secretly" by asking your customers for another $29.00 after they have honestly subscribe into your system.

This is definitely not the way to make your loyal customer stay loyal.

They've reduced the price from $79 by $50 so how are they asking for another $29??

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I have a 6s. Looking at CPU dasherx app it tells me phone is running at max speed on full charge. As the battery runs down the speed drops. That seems fair enough. And I can always fit a new battery easily enough.
I also have a Samsung Galaxy J5 that's just over a year old. The good battery lasts about 12 hours on standby because the phone is pulling about 400ma! It's basically just a rubbish phone.

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I have a lot of affection for the 10D. It replaced my slow and plasticy 300D. My images from it (all native jpegs) are still selling on Alamy even though we used to have to enlarge them up to 15mp or so to pass QC.

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (891 comments in total)

I never even think about it. I just use the camera - be it OVF or EVF.

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On article Great Eight: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 review (553 comments in total)
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Robertok: I love the camera with two big caveats: 1. You cannot program the function buttons to do nothing. I find that in handling the camera, I often touch these buttons and my settings get changed inadvertently. I contacted Panasonic about it and there is no solution now or in the near future. 2. You cannot put your name or other data in the camera so that it goes into the metadata for you. Sometimes I am required to shoot in jpeg and turn in the card without any post-processing, and there is no way to identify my images that way.

Does anyone else have these issues? If so, I encourage you to contact Panasonic so the firmware will be fixed.

Same here. Very annoying!

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Dave Oddie: We've "reached out" to Olympus for comment.

Ugh! How about some plain English? We have asked Olympus for comment. Or: We have asked Olympus to comment.

So are phrases like "Going forward" and "On the ground". Lazy journalists!

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On article What is equivalence and why should I care? (2515 comments in total)

If I blank off a full frame sensor in a, say, Sony R7, to 5mm by 8mm, does that mean it will suddenly become a less efficient sensor and produce more noise? This total light stuff is total nonsense.

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On article Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path (1602 comments in total)
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m3: Ok. Here's £2600 to buy an RX1RII. Now tell me you'd rather have a smaller sensor camera ...

I'd take a smaller sensor in a flash - and spend the rest on a really nice lens. Or two.

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On article Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path (1602 comments in total)

There is no 'upgrade path'. There are different products available - but any one system won't enable you to take better photographs than the other. They will enable you to carry more or less weight and spend more or less money. That's it!

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On article Small but mighty: hands on with the Panasonic GX85/GX80 (304 comments in total)
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boinkphoto: Looks remarkably like the Fuji X-E2...

Than its predecessor

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On article Great Eight: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 review (553 comments in total)
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Karroly: What is the advantage of a M4/3 ILC that is as big as an APS-C one ?
I know, the M4/3 lens should be smaller than their APS-C equivalents and the DOF and crop factor are bigger...
That's all ?

@JMT64 shutter speed has no effect on rolling shutter. It is the time it takes to scan the sensor - and that is a fixed speed.

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On article Great Eight: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 review (553 comments in total)
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RGWR: Why do they keep ruining good cameras by letting them grow bigger over the years. GX7 was perfect in that respect. This one isn't.

Ruining for you. For me it is just the right size.

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On article Great Eight: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 review (553 comments in total)

I've had this camera for a couple of months. Its generally excellent. I use it mostly in silent mode (e shutter) and have seen no ill effects although if I was shooting action I'd turn on the mechanical shutter. My only gripe is the display button. If Panasonic had made that flush it wouldn't be a problem but it is proud by a quarter of a mm and I'm forever pressing it with the heel of my thumb. Infuriating! I've stuck a small ring of plastic around it to lessen this problem.

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