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  • My NX10 is the most comfortable, user friendly camera I have ever had the pleasure to own. If I could just stick in a modern sensor.

  • Replied in K30 issue
    See snapped off bit on battery. Tried gluing back on but there is very little surface to work with and it snap right off again. After a lot of failed designs, ended up with a simple wooden wedge ...
  • A lot of people don't seem to know, that you don't need a circular filter for mirrorless and compacts. I use a linear filter and it does not affect the focusing adversely.

  • Replied in Just Missed
    You have the center circle of stars sitting in that dip in the foliage which I think I prefer to the idea of it being at the very top. Aesthetically I think you have the better shot.
  • Created photo thread Sea of lilac
    Went out today and took some photos. This is the only one which I thought was OK, thought I'd share. With so much lilac and blue it's a bit hard to judge the colours and my laptop (up load) looks ...
  • It's odd how two people can get in to a situation like this. I think it's silly to worry about the exact use of a word in a comment and you think I'm touchy to moan about it. In a way that is the ...
  • The meaning of my comment is clear. If you want to disagree do so with an alternative opinion. Trying to win points over the use of a word is a playground argument.
  • Well I posted an opinion, so that's OK If you didn't get it, I think the KP will not be a huge success. You can always say 'told you so' when they sell bucket loads of them. It wouldn't be the ...
  • semantics
  • What is the best business strategy? Make a camera that reviews well and everyone wants or make a divisive design even amongst Pentax fans. The few who like it are never going to convince enough ...
  • Replied in Beer!
    I'd definitely like to try the Propeller, double India pale. Nicely lit.
  • Most of the youtube/blog pundits are object (mostly portraits) photographers, they don’t worry much about the edges, they’re normally trying to throw them into softness. When they test lenses they...

  • I am a Pentax/Samsung user thinking of moving to Fuji. IBIS is not without issues. Everyone knows about lens variation but it applies to cameras too. If you try several Pentax cameras with the ...
  • Replied in Brisbane City
    That's a very nice composition with the foliage in the foreground.
  • There is nothing wrong with variety in aesthetic design but ergonomic design needs careful consideration. Most cameras have the part of the control wheel you need to turn, protruding near the ...
  • Normal control dials partly protrude for changing settings. Pentax control dial. ‘I know, lets stick the whole knob out the front of the camera.’ ‘Won’t that get in the way of the grip or fingers?’ ...
  • For me, there is very little you can tell about a camera from a photo, most of it is down to the lens. Out of camera jpegs are just the whim of some technician, you can go into settings and alter ...
  • The locations are stunning and the photos beautifully done, but the spiritual journey dialogue doesn't sit well with what is clearly a commercial enterprise. Everything in the media now days seems...

  • When it comes to everything in focus higher f-stop shots, it is not unknown for a cheap lens to shame an expensive one. Sometimes a kit or cheaper lens can be a diamond but how will we know if you...

  • Chris, I think it would be helpful if you did camera reviews as camera and lens reviews. You don't test that many lenses of the kit and affordable type. These are the lenses many of us use.

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