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I don't think Nikon D850 beats Canon 5Div Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk 5 months ago
New Nikon D850 Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk 5 months ago
Sigma DP1 Quattro + VF-31 + HC-21 + CR-31 For Sale and Wanted 11 months ago
Hasselblad X1D-50c + 45mm f3.5 For Sale and Wanted Oct 19, 2016
Medium article on printmaking Printers and Printing Sep 29, 2016
Complete Nikon 1 V3 kit - all major lenses, packaging, paperwork. For Sale and Wanted Jul 19, 2016
Sony ZA 50/1.4 Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Jul 16, 2016
Will Ricoh's FF be attractive enough to bring back Pentax old-timers? Pentax SLR Talk Feb 2, 2016
DXO out of Canon 5Ds and R Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Jul 14, 2015
Achieving FF IQ from Nikon 1 system Nikon 1 System Talk Jun 24, 2015
I'm not convinced that Sigma actually wants to sell cameras . . Sigma Camera Talk May 17, 2015
DP3 Quattro with Sigma FT-1201 conversion lens: my first test photos Sigma Camera Talk Apr 11, 2015
DP0 Quattro now in stock Sigma Camera Talk Mar 18, 2015
For those who just can't wait for the 36MP FF Foveon . . Sigma Camera Talk Mar 13, 2015
SPP 6.2.1 update and new firmware for DP1Q and DP2Q Sigma Camera Talk Mar 1, 2015
Yamaki's Presentation at CP + 2015 - Full Frame X3 Sigma Camera Talk Feb 19, 2015
Unabridged translation of Mr. Yamaki's Presentation at CP+2015 Sigma Camera Talk Feb 16, 2015
Sigma DP3 Quattro + Conversion lens FT-1201 Sigma Camera Talk Feb 15, 2015
How can people compare 5DS to Medium format? Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Feb 14, 2015
SIGMA announces DP0 Quattro Sigma Camera Talk Feb 13, 2015
How many Sigma shooters will buy the Canon 5 D s r? Sigma Camera Talk Feb 13, 2015
DP0 released before DP3? Sigma Camera Talk Feb 12, 2015
I almost feel sorry for the people that switched system Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Feb 10, 2015
DP2m and DP2q high ISO samples Sigma Camera Talk Feb 10, 2015
So now that the Canon forum is ablaze what if... Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Feb 7, 2015
Quentin Bargate seems depressed with the Quattro... Sigma Camera Talk Jan 20, 2015
DP2 Quattro, $499 at B&H Sigma Camera Talk Jan 4, 2015
Firmware updates Quattro. Sigma Camera Talk Dec 17, 2014
DP3 Quattro release date? Sigma Camera Talk Dec 10, 2014
CX format and macro (micro) lenses Nikon 1 System Talk Dec 6, 2014
My take on DP1Q Sigma Camera Talk Dec 5, 2014
Camera Labs Sigma DP1 Quattro Review Sigma Camera Talk Dec 2, 2014
Q Looses the 3-D of the M? Sigma Camera Talk Nov 29, 2014
Portrait comparison - M vs Q Sigma Camera Talk Nov 28, 2014
DP1Quattro colour washout at the edges: SIGMA Japan and all have a look Sigma Camera Talk Nov 25, 2014
LVF-01, VF-31 and DP3 Quattro availability? Sigma Camera Talk Nov 24, 2014
This may be why the 70-300 cx looks so good, MTF curves. Nikon 1 System Talk Nov 20, 2014
DP1Q thread Sigma Camera Talk Nov 19, 2014
Canon 7D Mark II - DXOMark Review Canon EOS 7D / 10D - 80D Talk Nov 7, 2014
The opposite of SIGMA Sigma Camera Talk Oct 21, 2014
Sigma Pro Photo 6 vs. Yosemite Sigma Camera Talk Oct 7, 2014
Lighting for photos of photos Macro and Still Life Photography Sep 11, 2014
Nikon 200/4 macro discontinued. Finally? Nikon SLR Lens Talk Aug 17, 2014
DP2 Quattro vs. Nikon D810 Sigma Camera Talk Aug 13, 2014
Why are we being punished for buying the DP2Q? Sigma Camera Talk Jul 16, 2014
who will still buy DPQ despite samples? Sigma Camera Talk Jun 19, 2014
Best photo gear with 10k dollars! Suggestions? Open Talk Jun 17, 2014
NikonD800E / SonyA7R - Sigma50, 1.4 ART / Zeiss Otus 1.4/55 Open Talk Jun 12, 2014
In praise of the V3 Nikon 1 System Talk May 11, 2014
Day One with Nikon V3 Nikon 1 System Talk Apr 28, 2014