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Do they have Gold and Silver options?

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kennyv9000: On Monday morning regular meeting...
From Canon office,
A: Did you guys saw what ours fanboy comment about Sony rx100 in stupid DP?
B: Ya, they don't like it. And they said ours G and S series still the best! rx is just rubbish!
A: Ya, so now we can hold for couple of years first.
B: So what is our next move? A pink G16 or G1x new facelift?
A: Nah, take it easy, lets have some coffee first...

From Nikon office,
A: See! Our fanboy said ours Nikon 1 have more powerful sensor, rx100 was completely beaten by ours 1 series, and it can't changing lens.
B: Correct, so do we still continue our big sensor compact camera project?
A: Nah hold it first, p7700 is enough for them...

From Panasonic office,
A: I told you guys before, fanboy just need bright lens, rx100 sensor size and high ISO is nothing to them, who need it?
B: Ya, lets just make a f1.2 lens for our next LX8, sure sell like hot cake!
A: Ya, lets do it!

to be continue...

The guys at Hasselblad must be eying up a wooden makeover for the RX100. Watch out for the Hasselblad Solar.

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April fool's joke?

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Can't wait for Hassy's OMG version!

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Amazing camera for the other 53%

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Kudos to Canon for releasing a camera with so much disruptive potential that it can decimate the competition. It'll sweep all photo awards for 2013/2013. Canon is the most innovative company out there.

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geoffreyc: The Price of £1799 for delivery in December according to WEX Photographic here in the UK

Is black tape included in the price?

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