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On article Why have cameras and lenses become so expensive? (673 comments in total)

Value = Fuji keeps pushing out free updates to their cameras. Makes me stay with them

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Can anyone say monopoly

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Brom78: Fuji X-T4 seems better

plenty of good and pro glass for Fuji, plenty of which surpasses some Nikon Pro Glass. They do need more on the long end I agree but sports photography is dying. We already see plenty of press images taken from motion grabs. The D6 is a good camera but I the the X-T4 is batter

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Brom78: Fuji X-T4 seems better

The times they are a changing. I'll give you build quality for the nikon all day long but the D6 is a camera that's not a huge improvement on the D5. It's marketability is nowhere near what it was and its use is getting more and more niche.
I used Nikon equipment for nearly 20 years from when I was in the Army through to working as a civilian photographer. Their pro kit has always been brilliant but theres more capability in the X-T4 plus you know that the Fuji you bought today will also be a far better camera in a couple of years with the regular firmware updates.

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Fuji X-T4 seems better

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I think people on here are missing the point.

If you are a professional and have to get 'that' shot to be paid you will use every aid and process possible to provide it.

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Stay safe all, itll be all right in the end

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I'm looking forward to this one 😊

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cdembrey: "The Shiftcam model for the iPhone 11 model adds... to your ARSENAL." Emphasis added.

Arsenal??? I ain't fighting no war, I'm just ̶s̶h̶o̶o̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ making photos. If I was, I'd want a SAW (Google it).

GpMG kicked the ar*e of either of them lol

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That's...... Brilliant

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Land of the free my ar*e

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Brom78: For many this is the future

I remember the death of photography comments when we went from film to digital. Everything changes but stays the same

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On article Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon 5DS R (49 comments in total)

For many this is the future

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Here's hoping the stacking makes it to the other models in the next firmware 😁

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If Nikon released updates that would improve their products rather than just allowing them to sell you more stuff maybe they'd not be losing sales

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Lensrentals merges with LensProToGo to create photo and video rental powerhouse

Or alternatively they merge reducing consumer choice and work their way to a monopoly

Call me a cynic......

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I wonder will they pay anyone.....

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Brom78: no fuji mount then?

I was thinking more x mount

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no fuji mount then?

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