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  • Commented on article Pentax KP Review

    Not really the same camera. The A99 II has a 2.3 times larger sensor, 42 MP vs 24 MP, 4k video, much faster burst speeds, larger buffer and a much larger AF coverage.

  • Its a 135mm f2.8. So will be not as fast but will be much smaller for sure.

  • It's not the same thing. Olympus had touted the 4/3 system as a compromise in having a smaller sensor but with also smaller lenses. Since they couldn't make the lenses smaller than anyone else at...

  • ^^100% agree. So many people are like analog/film = soul/art while digital = no soul/snapshots etc.

    Not to say one is better than the other. Both have their place and personally I much prefer...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    See till the time you can back up your statements with some verifiable facts I will always conclude that you are not giving correct info.

    Since you can't or are unable I will disregard your...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    One slight issue with your car analogy is that this isn't a Porche or Ferrari as its generally inferior in performance than most cheaper cameras.

    Because it is being sold as a Leica that you are...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    Henry I think its best to leave it. Arguing with HowaboutRAW is like arguing with a child. The sheer number of posts he makes trying his level best to defend Leica without actually giving any shred...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    Now now I can't personally attack an Internet entity named Howaboutraw :)

    I choose to attack your logic and reasoning. Lots of people claim to see pink fluffy unicorns and testify to their...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    The raws you have that you won't show anyone contradict my claims? :p

    Sounds like a case of the wmds that Iraq has that caused the Iraq invasion :D

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    Right as I have said clearly. You only have your word to back up your statements. Your word is about as meaningful as Greek to me ! :P

    You may claim next to be Jesus resurrected for all I know....

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    No you claim to have access to all those cameras. I don't believe you do. I feel you are a big liar. You only tell lies and don't give any proof.

  • The biggest cost is the sensor which is made by Sony. If Sony manages to improve sensor yield and reduce prices then MF cost will reduce.

  • @Conrad567 - Car analogy is not that relevant here. For one the difference between this camera and a good high resolution FF camera with a sharp lens will be indistinguishable to a huge majority of...

  • ^^ The problem is that most camera manufacturers from the big 3 are not very keen on offering UHS-II card slots with their cameras as that requires a new processor chip to support it.

    That is why...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    ^^ I have a top secret laboratory that I do testing. I have conclusive proof that Sony files are far better than SL but I can't share my results with you :)

  • High end pro bodies do use CF cards but now SD cards are getting much faster while CF cards are not getting much development in speeds.

    With UHS III the gap (theoretically) between SD and other...

  • Commented on article Leica SL Review

    @HowaboutRAW - It is you who make statements with ZERO proof and expect people to believe you. Sorry but it is you who have no credibility.

    Whatever testing you have done I have done more...

  • Zilver - Full frame and medium format are not very similar right now. FF has access to a wealth of lenses both very very cheap and also very expensive.

    You can use FF for ALL your photographic...

  • This lens and the Loxia shouldn't be very far off in price. I wager these lenses will be in the $900 - $1k bracket easily and yes these should be pretty soft wide open.

  • Nobody is asking you to buy this big lens ! You get cheaper 50mm lenses that are tack sharp stopped down a bit.

    This is meant for those who want great quality wide open.

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