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eazizisaid: @dprstaff, my Sony A7 resolve better details in the studio comparison... I think you should redo the test with the 55 1.8

Or use the Sony 85mm f1.4 GM at least if they want to stick with only 85mm lenses.

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jwasturias: I added the Sigma SD Quattro H to the above comparison tool.
If you look at the last line in that newspaper section, it is also clearly readable. Without rainbow color scattering in the B&W text.
Better than my a7r :( and also better than the a7rii and K1 in non-pixel shift. The picture is smaller but sharper. I have never used a sigma camera but on the face of it, it looks like a great landscape camera.

Sigma foveon cameras where always great in terms of low iso IQ. However usability was generally horrible. They are very painful cameras to use but you do gain improvements to IQ that Bayer sensors cameras lack.

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aris14: To my opinion K-1 does it better overall.
And in less than 2/3 of the cost.

K1 was the pioneer in this and while I don't think it does it better you can't deny that the K1 is at least equal to this camera for a lot less.

However of course you get a far better rounded camera with the A7rIII with far better AF, video and lens support.

And better support too since Pentax is the only camera manufacturer that isn't available in my country at all.

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russbarnes: You say 'landscapes' but of course we already know this is useless for landscapes and the idea of using this feature for such subjects has already been wildly debunked. You subject has to be COMPLETELY static and there isn't a true landscape where that is likely to apply.

While this isn't something I will use a lot it can be useful in certain situations for sure. And for advanced users the 4 RAW files are all available so those who know what to do can clone out any artifacts and get a sharper photo than whats currently possible today.

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junk1: Can the sensor be slowly shifted to track stars? I think at least one camera has that feature???

^^ I would wager it has the star eater syndrome. Sony seem to be very reluctant to do a small fix that wouldn't take much effort at all since my A7rII didn't have the star eater syndrome till 2 patches back.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 first impressions (396 comments in total)
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goblin: A deliberate closure of what was supposed to be an open system:

- Olympus announces pro lenses that mirror Panasonic's existing offers (at least for the 45mm f:1.2)

- Panasonic coughs up a whole fully blown alter ego to the Oly OM-D E-M1mk2, just for the sake of giving owners of Panasonic lenses drooling over Oly's dual image stabilization a Panny body to attach their lenses to (as Dual IS works only within the same brand - Oly lens + Oly body or Panny lens + Panny body).

- Owners of the legacy (rare but excellent) Panaleica 4/3 lenses have only Olympus (E-M1 & E-M1ii)'s shoulder to cry on if they want decent AF performance with their lenses via adapter. Owners of other (read: Zuiko) 4/3 lenses are, of course, set to stay with the E-M1 (& E-M1ii) because Panny would implement anything short of Depth From Moon Craters AF, as long as it's not standard PDAF to handle legacy (and non Panasonic) lenses.

All of this instead of working on making both companies' dual IS cross compatible.

^^ You are comparing apples to oranges !

Panasonic and Olympus jointly launched the m43 system and many expected that both would collaborate to grow the system as 2 heads are better than one.

However sadly its not the case and they are both behaving like hard core competitors. No one expects NIkon and Canon to join hands anytime soon but people expected Panasonic and Olympus to compete less with each other and instead concentrate on really improving the m43 ecosystem.

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On article Sigma's new 16mm F1.4 will cost $450, ships this month (359 comments in total)
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Woodyz: To me, the Zeiss 24mm 1.8 is the only E-mount lens worth getting. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste money buying crop lenses when it could go into full-frame FE lenses instead.

^^ No I think he meant the Sony Zeiss 24mm f1.8 that was launched eons ago.

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yslee1: Oh wow! The lens I've been asking Panasonic to make in like forever!

*sees price* Dammit! Not at that price though!

Edit: Why is it so heavy? A 200/2.8 from everyone else is a sub-kilo lens!

@Edgar_in_Indy - The K7 was tested on an older K7 14.2 MP DSLR and wide open its results were not the best. I would wager this lens will be sharper wide open since its a far newer optic than the decades old Pentax 200mm f2.8.

Of course the lens is still overpriced I feel but the AF and IS should be far better on a Panasonic body than the Pentax on a Pentax body.

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eddie_cam: For 3000 bucks I would rather buy a Sony RX10 IV and have 1000 bucks left, and even that price for the Sony is steep. Granted, it's not quite the same but at least you would get your money's worth even with that expensive Sony.

How are the two even comparable ? The Sony is s decent camera but its a super zoom and at the long end IQ suffers. This is a prime lens and should be optically far far superior.

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Ben O Connor: It should be forbidden to make any larger camera than Gx80 body for M43 makers. Body/sensor size ratio is ridiculous.

Why paying big, carrying bigger and have a small sensor ? This is the segment that we see small and capable cameras as GM1, GM5, GX80... what the joke is this !

FF user here and agree with what others are saying. My A7 body is so small and light weight but the moment you put on good glass and that small body doesn't seem like a big plus point anymore.

I tried out my friends GH5 which is bigger than my A7 but the lenses were much smaller and more easy to use. It was more preferable to use the GH5 than my A7.

Of course IQ was a differentiating factor but everything has its pros and cons and I find m43 has a very good niche these days.

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Edmond Leung: Looks like a very nice lens.
But once again.... it is really big and heavy.
Can you talk with Leica if they can improve these two issues?

^^ All those lenses were launched in the previous millennium. Attached to today's 50MP sensors they will start to show off their flaws. They are old outdated designs and while they are reasonably sharp contrast they can't compete with todays modern lenses.

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yslee1: Oh wow! The lens I've been asking Panasonic to make in like forever!

*sees price* Dammit! Not at that price though!

Edit: Why is it so heavy? A 200/2.8 from everyone else is a sub-kilo lens!

Most of the other manufacturers have very old 200mm optical designs. Newer ones have to work with high resolution sensors and have much greater contrast so they have to have many more elements to work with.

To give you a comparison, this lens has 15 elements in 13 groups while the Canon 200mm f2.8 II launched in March 1996 has just 9 elements in 7 groups.

So this should be a very sharp lens.

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Mike Sandman: Is there a chart or table somewhere that explains the differences in read and write speeds for the various memory card standards?

I realize that CFast and XQD have a different form factor than SD cards. But I'm interested in knowing the performance differences. For example, how do UDC 2 and UDC 1 card compare to QXD and CFast in terms of read/write?

There is a brilliant site called that is great for specs nuts like me. Go ahead and check the site out

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BobT3218: It reminds me of the ill-fated Olympus xD card? :)

^^ Not sure if XQD will be common place. For one speed is not something a lot of people need. And megapixels are not growing as fast as before. The A7rIII coming in at the same MP as its predecessor is one small indication that camera companies aren't going all out on the MP bandwagon.

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sharkcookie: Sony, who invented it, doesn't even support it in their own cameras. It's overpriced. Might as well drop it. Just stupid that Nikon is using it in their D850.

^^ Fully agree with your points but with the XQD slot in the D850 it shows Nikon is ready to stop using CF and instead use XQD in their higher end cameras.

And currently at least XQD is almost twice as fast as SD and costs about the same for the high performance cards. The only difference is that with SD you can use cheaper cards too if you don't require the speed.

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BobT3218: It reminds me of the ill-fated Olympus xD card? :)

Ah yes I used that in my old Fuji S5600 superzoom camera. Hated the cost and it had zero advantage over SD cards at that time. Similarly with Sony memory stick. Had no real advantage over SD.

XQD however is currently much faster and isn't terribly expensive to boot.

The D500 with XQD has almost instant buffer clearing times and if Sony does continue to develop XQD I can see it surviving for a few more years.

SD cards however seem to be on the up and up so unless there is some development on XQD they may go the way of the xD cards.

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ozturert: Sony made most things right in 3rd generation, at least on paper.
I was expecting an improved Pixel-shift resolution mode but Sony seems behind Pentax and Olympus despite incredible processing power in that body.
Anti-flickering, touch screen AF, joystick, dampened shutter, better skin tones (although this says "we sucked in our previous models" :) ), better battery life, AF-On... These are nice improvement that rivals have already implemented for a long time.
No matter what, this is a good iteration of an already good camera (Mark II).

Yeah to be fair I have the older A7rII and love the camera. But I wished for exactly two things - one a touch screen and two better battery life as I just hate the current batteries that Sony uses. Both are fixed in this camera though I have no money to upgrade now. Hopefully Sony launches the A7 III with these two issues fixed. I will be able to get that camera instead.

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PhotoCGI: Sony executives most be colour blind. They try and try to produce the best "technical" camera but continue not paying attention to the widely acknowledged fact they have the worst colours of any camera. (not to mention their automatic while balance is crappy too).
Its a real shame because they do produce amazing cameras but when you compare their colours with Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Fuji..well, you get a big dissapointment.
They don't learn, unfortunately. Have they ever wonder why Apple and others pay so much attention to the colour of the photos on their mobile devices and the quality of the screen on which we see them?
Yep. First impression do count. That's why many leave Sony and return to Nikon, Fuji or whatever when they realise their Sony camera may be "technically perfect or close to it" but results are simply not appealing.

^^ You just said "widely acknowledged fact" and in your next statement you said "My opinion is just mine".

One of those statements is dead wrong. Which one is it ? The first or second one ?

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Sdaniella: Sigma 16mm f/1.4 for APSC (1.5x crop) @ 450g

14.9mm f/1.3 for Canon APSC (36/22.3=1.614x crop)
would be nice, too
14.9/1.3 ~ 16/1.4 = same max aperture diameter dimensions

and an FF version, with wider image circle, will make lens much larger and heavier
than Sigma's 14mm f1.8


This is a pure mirrorless lens and there is no report of it being adapted to DSLR or even to Canon mirrorless sytem

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On article Canon G1 X III vs. Sony Cybershot RX100 V (632 comments in total)
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LiangMing: No mentioning of the $300 price difference? Why I need to pay more for the Canon?

Much bigger sensor. A lot bigger actually

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