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Deanaaargh: I will be interested to see if the optical design is the same for both. Obviously tooling and production will be different for these two lenses, but I would be curious to know how much of the R&D costs for these 110 degree FOV f/2 lenses can be shared amongst them.

finally a small uwa prime for mft.

See this is why I despise 'useless knowitalls' in place of 'helpful people' who would rather whine and moan about something rather than trying to educate the other who genuinely doesn't understand where he/she made a mistake.

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matthew saville: So, Tokina beats Tamron and Sigma to the FE market, ...but doesn't do it with autofocus. Hmm.

Personally I'm perfectly fine with manual focus lenses, as an astro-landscape photographer, but I can already hear the groans of "not another MF lens for FE mount!"

Sigma already has a couple E (not FE) lenses available that have AF, so we know the third-party technology exists, it's just a question of why this one excluded it, (cost, weight?) ...and which of the big three third parties will be the first to create an AF FE lens...

I am hoping cost was the issue and they wanted their first lens to be not very expensive. Mainly because I want to buy this for astro and I don't want to pay a lot for it ! :P

But yeah its simply easy to make MF lenses. Sigma had those earlier lenses with their AF fixed lens cameras so the motors were already there and Sony had given them the FE mount spec to make reliable AF.

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Frank_BR: A manual-focus lens from Tokina? Hmmm ... this is the territory of Samyang, which has just launched a 20mm F1.8 lens, which is faster (and probably cheaper, too) than this Tokina. I feel that Tokina is dreaming of the past when it was a competitive lens company.

To be fair Tokina is a more reliable company for getting a good lens copy. Samyang has been rather notorious for having large sample variations especially in their wide angle lenses.

If people can cherry pick their copy then great but in many countries you can't . If Tokina prices this right then this should sell well over other Chinese brands with also questionable quality control.

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On article Sony offers E PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS for Super 35mm/APS-C (131 comments in total)
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Jerry Pruce: If it was around $450 I'd buy it. Sony would sell a whole bunch of these if it was around that price. I might even go as high as $500. Wonder if there is an adapter I could mount it to my GoPro?

I think the last line of the OP should have been a dead giveaway that his post wasn't terribly serious :P

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saeba77: wow a 2x teleconverter
f6.3 became f12....usable only for the sun or in the sun:)

^^ No the max aperture of your lens is f6.3

If you are shooting at f22 also it will focus at max aperture which is f6.3 and then stop down to f22 after focus acquisition. With a TC your aperture is f13 max where focus cannot work at all.

Link | Posted on Sep 1, 2016 at 13:23 UTC
On article Tamron announces new 1.4X and 2X teleconverters (15 comments in total)

With the launch of a redesigned 150-600mm and these two TC lenses I think Tamron is now going to concentrating at the long end of the focal length and will launch a few tele lenses. Maybe a 300mm f4 or 400mm f5.6 tele prime lens.

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saeba77: wow a 2x teleconverter
f6.3 became f12....usable only for the sun or in the sun:)

That is ridiculous ! They get f6.3 aperture for focus acquisition NOT f12. F12 is the actual aperture on FF which is too small for AF to work.

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EwanMC: Note, the available Sony/Minolta Alpha mount. Does Tamron know something we don't know about the future of Sony's A-mount cameras?

Not likely. Its probably just a few lenses made in that mount to satisfy existing users.

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Angrymagpie: The wait for a 35mm f2 or /f1.8 continues
I think a lot of people will be thrilled to see the 35mm f2 lens on the RX1 series be implemented as an FE-mount lens. It will probably be the lens that stays on my camera 90% of the time. Now I have to bring a faster lens to supplement my 35/2.8 for when it gets dark

^^ Honestly I get such sharp contrasty images at f1.4 that I am oh so glad I didn't get the f2.8 version. Yes the f2.8 version is also great due to the small size and yes I find the size of the 35mm f1.4 slightly bothersome but the creamy backgrounds you get at f1.4 is something I really really love. f2.8 is also bitingly sharp that I doubt the 35mm f2.8 is any sharper at f2.8. Plus the lens is built beautifully and I am really digging the clickless aperture wheel.

The only real negative is the darn price which honestly I have a hard time justifying. :(

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Angrymagpie: The wait for a 35mm f2 or /f1.8 continues
I think a lot of people will be thrilled to see the 35mm f2 lens on the RX1 series be implemented as an FE-mount lens. It will probably be the lens that stays on my camera 90% of the time. Now I have to bring a faster lens to supplement my 35/2.8 for when it gets dark

I gave up waiting for a 35mm f2 and got the 35mm f1.4. Its a great lens but its oh so heavy and it cost me a bomb! And did I mention it cost me a bomb ? :(

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justmeMN: "Sony has announced the FE 50mm F2.8 Macro, a full-frame lens..." -DPR

Of course it's a full-frame lens. That's all that Sony makes. :-)

^^ All L lenses are FF. And Canon has two mounts - EF-S and EF. You cannot physically mount EF-S lenses on an EF camera without modification.

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Alphoid: Perhaps it's time for Sony to release a 50mm VFC lens, a 50mm soft focus lens, a 50mm STF lens, and a 50mm tilt-shift lens for E-mount. Lenses like these were really Minolta's strength. Maybe a 50mm f/2.8 pancake lens as well, for A7R shooters who want to travel light.

^^ What he said. They are competing against themselves mostly at present. And once others join them Sony will already be having a near complete system.

They already launched their only second sub $500 lens last year the 50mm f1.8 and now this is a low cost macro option if you don't want to spend $800 or so on the Sony 90mm f2.8

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Eric Calabros: FE system is so lacking that every lens Sony releases, even be their 18th 50mm, people say "nice addition to the lineup"! like that nothing else matters. just add baby, add!

That is not true at all. Their 50mm f1.4 got a lot of flak from even Sony users as it was not a lens considered required at all.

This lens however is a cheap (in Sony FE land at least) lens and that is a welcome addition in the very small family of cheap lenses. Currently there are just 3 lenses < $500 in Sony FE mount from Sony.

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Chaitanya S: extending barrel- dont understand why everyone except Nikon keeps using that old focusing design.

Actually these short macro lenses are mostly extending designs. Even the Nikon 40mm f2.8 is an extending design.

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EcoR1: Curiously this is even lighter than zeiss touit 50mm macro E-mount lens, which is designed for aps-c cameras. So if the optical quality is there, this seems a good choise whether you have a aps-c or full frame e-mount camera. Nice.

The Zeiss will be built to much nicer standards but yes both are macro lenses so both will be very sharp.

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stefpix: WOW - I am wondering if it is the same as the old Minolta 50mm 2.8 macro. I bought 2 of the Minoltas. I use them with LA-EA4 and i love them, great warm colors and pretty sharp. But the Sony would have such a better AF across the frame and eye-AF. I have also the non macro 50mm and 55mm. the 50mm is sharp but slow AF and stops down the AF making AF unreliable even in bright light with small apertures.

No different lenses only because the Minolta is made for DSLR while this is a mirrorless lens. The Minolta is also a 7 element 6 group design while this is a 8 element 7 group design with a special ED element.

Most Minolta lenses were a little warm in rendition but Sony lenses are more neutral.

Yes the 50mm f1.8 is a poor AF design but it stops down the aperture in AF-C mode. If you use AF-S mode then it will focus wide open only. Stupid I know but if you need to shoot stopped down at least you will get reliable focus with the 50mm f1.8. What Sony was thinking releasing a lens with such a focusing mechanism I don't know.

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AngularJS: 55 f/1.8, 50 f/1.8, 50 f/1.4, 50 f/2.8 1:1
Wow :)

Next up 50mm f1.2, 55mm f1.1, 50mm f2.5 etc

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Edmond Leung: It makes no sense for such test.
If you really need high end video, use Arri or Panavision.

No your suggestion makes no sense. Does ARRI or Panvision come anywhere close to the cost of a 5d mk 4 ?

For those who don't have grand budgets a DSLR is an excellent substitute for these high end cameras.

Those who do have budgets won't even glance at cameras like the 5d mk 4.

A couple of professionals who used to shoot 5d mk 3 sold off all their Canon gear and moved to Sony only because they had a solution which did both very well. However the issues of poor battery life made them look at the 5d mk 4 closely before deciding that it wasn't worth shifting back.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2128 comments in total)
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Nick Brundle - Photography: This is a camera that can take high quality pictures. If I want to take video I'll buy a video camera.
How many landscape photographers actually take video when there on an assignment?
I've only taken video a few times in the last couple of years.
Don't know how other snappers use video on their dslr??

Honestly if I never shoot video doesn't mean other do not either. Most other cameras are offering very good video and Canon which was a leader earlier for video seems to be going backwards.

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kingslayer: Overpriced. The 16-35 should be $1200 tops. The 24-105 should be $899.

You don't like overpriced things ? Well you don't have to buy them you know !

Plenty of third party lenses available or old glass if you really want cheap.

There is an excellent Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 which costs half of the 16-35mm f2.8 III and I doubt the IQ differences will be anything more than marginal.

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