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I've been a Canon user for almost 30 years and my aging body can't take carrying the large bodies and lenses any longer. I'm now using a Think Tank roller camera case, but I'm also building my Fuji X system. When Fuji comes out with a pro flash system, I'm making the switch. I was hoping Canon would introduce a pro level mirrorless camera, but I don't think it's going to happen.

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Optical control is a pain to use. Radio control much better. I'll wait for Fuji to come out with theirs. I just hope they bring out a pro level flash SYSTEM with radio control.

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Thank Fuji for the update. Like most of the posters, I appreciate a company who lets us get the most from our cameras before we HAVE to buy a new model. It's cost effective for the consumer and builds brand loyalty.
Now we need a professional flash system with radio remote capability. Then I can dump my Canons.
The quality of the Fuji cameras, lenses and images is only matched by their wonderful size and weight. Years ago I used Leica M cameras. These are every bit as good and in so many ways better.

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Three triple A batteries in the Commander Air? Really? Why couldn't you make it two AA's and save having to have two different sized batteries? Terrible. Looks like a neat system though. Hopefully they'll add Fuji to the mix.

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I'm a Canon professional user for 30 years and I've bought into the Fujifilm X system completely. Once Fuji (or someone) comes out with a professional flash system, I'm turning the tables on my Canons except for sports. At 62 years of age, I'm tired of carrying the full sized DSLR. I used to use Leica with my DSLR's and now I have the option of using the Fuji. The image quality is top notch - fine for print and web. They have a great system of lenses that rival Leica and the Fuji bodies are actually fun to use. Weather sealing could be better, but I can work around that.
Canon Professional Service is a huge advantage of theirs. Great service. I'll bet Fuji is not far off from offering pro support.

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Pretty lame campaign. I tried to navigate the web site and nothing interesting or of use comes up. These hip, obscure ad campaigns don't work. Give me substance not seeing the impossible. I'm a pro Canon user and I'm no more educated today about Canon than I was yesterday.

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I wish it was for a FF or C sized rangefinder style mirrorless camera. I'm getting ready to purchase a Fujifilm X-E2 for travel. Tired of lugging around a dslr.

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The addition of WiFi to the 7D MkII. Big mistake.

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Just so people don't think I'm substituting wifi for a laptop, I was just offering another way of sending images for social media use or for quick composition monitoring by the client. Maybe that's been covered in a previous post.

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I purchased a Canon 6D specifically for it's wifi capability. I shoot photos to accompany live blogs and tweets at events that my colleagues are posting. It easily pairs with my iPhone with Canon's EOS Remote software. I turn on the wifi in the camera, select the camera wifi on my phone's wifi settings, view the images I just shot with the 6D on my phone, select one and email it to my "client" for immediate use. It's a great system. No computer involved. They're straight from the camera so exposure, etc. has to be pretty good, but it's very quick.

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"Pretty inconsequential"??? Are you joking? The upgrading of the Hubble telescope was probably worth the whole program. I'm shocked that a photo person would say such a thing. Go to and see if you don't change your mind.
It is a very cool video. A lot of planning and time went into it.

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Elinas: Cool... so the day that they will decide to make Camera raw available for the Fuji X-Pro1, this means I will need to buy CS6...

So will Lightroom 3 get an update so I can use it for the Canon 5D III? If not, will LR4 work seamlessly with CS5 and the new update?

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