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JackM: I'm out.


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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (866 comments in total)
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qwertyasdf: It's finally official!!! Now I have a chance to vent!!!!!!

for GOD's sake!!!!!! Wteva Pentax paid this designer, this camera could be better designed by an UNPAID INTERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it's not for you, then?

Link | Posted on Feb 2, 2012 at 15:49 UTC
On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (866 comments in total)

I like the design. Does it enhance the camera's performance? No, but so what? Sometimes it's just nice to own something that's interesting to look at.

I bet 95% of the people who are complaining about Pentax being "stupid" for hiring a well-known designer are doing so on their iPads and MacBooks, which are some of the most over-designed products in the world.

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Does anyone know the on-sale date for the P310? Thanks.

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On article Panasonic makes DMC-TS20 semi-rugged compact camera (14 comments in total)

Looks like a great little backpacking camera. $179 price point is perfect.

Link | Posted on Jan 31, 2012 at 16:16 UTC as 6th comment
On article Panasonic launches rugged DMC-TS4 / FT4 (75 comments in total)

Time to buy a TS3 on close-out! All I see are lots of new battery draining features and no improvement in IQ. Frankly, this also makes the new $179 TS20 look like a bit of a bargain.

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The TX200V looks fantastic, and super fast autofocus will make it a good choice for shooting kids and social situations. Now give it an Android interface so I can download photography apps and share straight from the camera (like Polaroid's new Android camera) and you've got a fantastic, pocketable, "fun" camera. (I recognize that what I've just described sounds a lot like an iPhone, lol, but the CMOS sensor (despite its mp overkill) and fast autofocus will allow this to do things that Apple's phone cannot.)

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Eyes: I agree that most wedding photographers are abusing this special moment with an expensive price tag. Sure they want to use or have the best equipment they can use. Having 2 FX bodies and two zoom lens cost nearly $10.000, no car no flash.
But they will have a big competitor soon.
In Europe Chinese Photographers 3 person will do a complete Wedding reportage including Albums and a video Disk for €1200,-
And it looks Professional ! and they come all the way from China!
Don't ask me how? That's the price tag and product delivered in 2 weeks time.

If wedding photographers were regularly ripping people off, you would see a flood of entrants into the market. Despite some fairly pricey equipment, photography has an extremely low cost of entry. No special credentials and minimal capital investment. It's ludicrous to say that photographers are ripping people off. There are tons of options and no one is forced to choose a particular photographer. Don't like the price? Don't pay it!

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On article Just Posted: Nikon 1 V1 and J1 review (424 comments in total)

I'm starting to come around to Nikon's approach with the 1-series. Many of their engineering choices make senses as a complete package, and the price on the V1 really isn't bad considering it incorporates an EVF. The glass seems sharp and the design is very attractive. Plus the IQ belies the sensor size. However, the lack of customization and Nikon's decision to bury much of the camera's functionality strike me as poor choices. Particularly with the V1, why not offer the user more control? Makes no sense to me, and mars an otherwise intriguing camera.

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I'm dead center of the target market for this thing. Current S95 user. Got rid of my old DSLR because it was too big and clunky to carry around. Miss certain features and control that the DSLR offered. Willing to pay good money for a camera. Etc. However, $799 is a very ambitious price and this camera has some significant built-in limitations. The S100 is almost literally half this much and (if it's anything like the S95) is a superb travel camera. And for around the same money as the G1-X, I can get an A55 or pretty much any Micro 4/3 camera with a kit lens. Canon is really boxed in here, largely due to its highly optimistic pricing. For $599 (or even $649) I would be all over this thing. I hate being one of those guys who complains about the price, but skepticism seems warranted here. Maybe it will blow everyone away once a full performance review is performed?

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On article First Impressions: Using the Canon PowerShot S100 (182 comments in total)

The S95 also has an HDR mode, so it isn't "new" with the S100.

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