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  • I don't know if it qualifies as true "VR" but the only device that excites me right now is the Hololens. As a photographer, I would LOVE to let customers see their photos hanging on their wall in...

  • I adjusted the setting to -11 as a temporary Band-Aid but I don't consider that a true fix.  I would like to get it back to 0.
  • Created question thread Need my A77 repaired
    I am having back-focus problems and my accessory flash port is broken (the one on the side, not the hot shoe). This is obviously out of warranty and Sony recommends Precision Camera.  Does anyone ...
  • Microsoft is not new to having the same operating system run on multiple architectures. They did it in the early days of NT. NT Server and Workstation ran on Intel, DEC Alpha, MIPS and even IBM's...

  • The OIS is actually better than the 1020. Plus, it now has digital IS for video.

    I'm not certain the lowlight capability is as good as the 1020, but it is still good.

  • @supeyugin1 can't tell if this was sarcasm, but comparing Google docs to 'real' office is a bit ludicrous. Whether you're using Office 2016 or the web version they are significantly more mature...

  • @Petrogel Did you miss the point where I said there is a fork for the different target architectures. Those forks occur after all the common coding is done.

    If you're comparing plugging an...

  • I think the white looks better than the black.

  • The wife bought a Mozo cover and it looks and feels great. It's leather so it has a good tactile feel. It added wireless charging so the thickness was increased.

  • To better understand universal apps and I encourage everyone to look up a Continuum demo. Microsoft just previewed version 2 at their build conference earlier this year.

  • All, starting with Win10, the OS on the phone and PC (and soon XboxOne) is THE SAME OS. All sub systems are the same, they even run the exact same apps. Yes, there is a fork or new compilation...

  • yes, big welcome changes, but "breakthrough" is hyperbole.

  • agree 100% on the app selection. It's getting better but still woeful. Disagree on the OS though, I find incredibly smooth and intuitive. My ipad has been relegated to a YouTube/Netflix viewing...

  • Good question. There are traditional windows "programs" and a new subsystem just for apps. Win10 can obviously run both but they limit Windows10 mobile devices to just apps. If I had to guess, in...

  • Good post. To clarify, the long press shutter button can be programmed in camera settings.

  • I'm in the preview program (just got a new build yesterday) and the heating issue has gotten better. It still gets warm (depending on the build) but it appears this is something they working on.

  • Agree if this is 2010 but disagree today. Win10 is a fantastic OS. It's secure, fast, and easy on the eyes. The SaaS approach is going to be interesting to watch for an OS but I think the...

  • I'm an IT manager at a large company. The most exciting thing about Win10 is that it is one operating system that run on many platforms (phones/laptops/desktop/tablets/xbox/watches/IoT/etc). This...

  • As an owner of this camera, I agree with portions of this review and disagree with others.

    First of all, there are some inaccuracies. The review states there is no way to force HDR on. That is...

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