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Nice new features! Going to love that spot healing brush and automatic perspective corrections. In fact, last week when I was editing pictures of my apartment that I was putting up for sale, the perspective corrections drove me mad and I wished for a button to correct these things automatically. Now it's here. I'll say as Ken Rockwell: Wohoooo!

The only drawback is that I seem to have to update from using Snow Leopard before being able to use LR5.

Jylppy's suggestion for Automatic ranking based on sharpness and focus would be on my wish list, too. That would save me a lot of time when comparing similar shots. Hopefully there's a possibility to use the comparison tool with 100% magnification in this version, don't seem possible in the current one (4.4). Please, correct me if I'm wrong here.

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Jogger: I think i will keep my D700.

Me too. No AF-ON button, no AF fine tune (read this somewhere), better AF (except from the f/8 thing) and lower FPS than I have in the D700 with the battery pack. I don't care about movie recording. 24MP would be nice to have and the -probably- slightly higher image quality and DR, but necessary? No.

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Do all of you base all your purchases on reason? To me this lens has a very strong appeal. It has a timeless, classy design I find very attractive, and it looks like it's built to last for generations. I bet it feels even better than it looks, even though I haven't tested a single zeiss lens ever. Sure, I'd like autofocus, but I think I'd manage without it in a super-wide lens like this. In a large aperture tele lens, I definitely want AF.

I don't have the money to buy this nor the AF-S 14-24/2,8, but I can definitely see people wanting to buy this, especially if the image quality and distortion level is as good as promised. I'd buy this if I had the money and if the test shots looks good enough in regards to distortion mainly.

The appeal would however have been even bigger if it was a bit smaller, lighter and cheaper, with 77mm filter size and f/4 aperture instead.

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