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DotCom Editor: "The iPhone 5s, running Appleā€™s fresh iOS 7, is an excellent phone with a very good camera."

How do you know that? Did you test how well the 5s functions as a TELEPHONE?

@Gryfster DPR is a site focused on... ummm... photography. They're testing the phone's camera, not its radio. And "excellent" isn't a professional opinion? If your doctor said to you (after reviewing your [whatever] test results): "I have excellent news" -- would you tell him/her to shut up and give you a "professional opinion?" What adjective constitutes a "professional opinion?" Wow.

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On article Quick Review: Apple iPhone 5 Camera (115 comments in total)

I found Apple's response to this issue quite funny -- because it's true! They're telling people to do what Barney recommends here: "Really, our advice is not to worry. Just do what you should do anyway, and avoid putting bright lights near the edge of the frame when shooting."

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