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I like to explore and take pictures to chronicle my adventures. I prefer high end compacts and I'm always looking for that perfect camera. Maybe the Sony DSC-RX100-II will be my next one. Until then my Olympus XZ-1 will suffice.


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@MJ Jones the pm1 is a micro four thirds camera that is not in the same class as the ZX-1 or ZX-2. You need to buy lens for it and it doesn't have the same compactness as the ZX series. There are many reasons why I and many others haven't gone this route and I shouldn't have to explain their differences. Oly obviously saw a need to build two different cameras. If you don't see the niche that the ZX-1 or 2 fills I can't help you.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G15 preview (78 comments in total)

This is going to be a hard pick between the Oly ZX-2 and the G-15. The Canon has the longer zoom but is lacking in the mode area. The Oly has a tilted, touch screen as opposed to the fixed one of the G-15. I think the images will be very similar as they both have the same sensor type and size. Both have fast, bright lens. I think the Oly is lighter and more compact. I think the Canon is $100 bucks cheaper and that might be the decider for many although I think the Oly has better build quality.

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What a lot of people don't get with this camera is the image quality. There are no cameras in this class with as bright and fast a lens as the Zuiko used on both the XZ-1 and XZ-2. I searched and compared long and hard for a camera in this price range, for this image quality and compactness. The Canon G-12 was the closest but was lacking where the XZ-1 wasn't.

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A lot of people are whining about a camera they know nothing about. I have the XZ-1 and it is a fantastic camera and deserved all the acculades it received at the beginning of 2011. The XZ-2 is an improvement with a better lens cap, better video, focus ring, battery and some small adjustments. The sensor is the same(wait for a more in depth review). The reason why this camera is so much like the previous one is because they got so much right the first time. Until you have used this camera or the XZ-1 you don't really know what you are talking about. Bigger sensor means bigger lens which means bigger camera. Can't be avoided.

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On photo P7120088 in the Olympus OM-D E-M5 challenge (7 comments in total)

Another reason why I want to trade my XZ-1 for the O-MD. Beautiful macro.

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On photo P7120088 in the Olympus OM-D E-M5 challenge (7 comments in total)

Another reason why I want to trade my XZ-1 for the O-MD. Beautiful macro.

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On article Five Friends Take Same Picture for 30 Years (108 comments in total)

I thought that the story headline was very misleading. I expected there to be a picture from every year since '82. 7 pictures is cute but I don't think it compares to the headline in the least.

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I like Stone Roses and Ian Brown as a solo artist. I find that all the criticism in these comments come from people who have never listened to the band. Well maybe you should listen to yourselves, you sound like idiots. It's their venue that they paid to play in and they should have the rights to photographs of themselves. If you don't like those stipulations then don't take pictures of them. If you think boycotting them is going to hurt them in the least you are very misinformed. Their fans don't say, "That's a band whose photos I really like"! They like the band for their music! If you really want to get even with them then become a paparazzo and hang outside of clubs or restaurants they frequent where they don't own the rights to a "venue".

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On photo there in the Isolation challenge (15 comments in total)

Great balance of light and dark. Did you have to crop this or was it taken as is?

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (207 comments in total)
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ingram98ab: Nobody seems surprised that Daniel Craig appeared in the samples... is he a regular in DPreview's Hands-on reviews??? Or photographers just dont care??

That is not even close to Daniel Craig.

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photo nuts: Is this the beginning of the end?

Everybody loves a comeback.

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On article Olympus executive dismissed amidst loss revelations (91 comments in total)

This is a good time to buy Olympus shares.

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Joshlovesphotos: This is not an interview. It's a paid advert for this dudes book, and it's really obvious. Just my opinion. ;-) Also, this review needs a director.

He has a book?

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Jakob Dam Knudsen: Everything sounds promising except for a few aspects;
- The CMOS architecture is in itself inferior to the CCD. The reason as to why CMOS are used so widely in dSLRs, is lower power consumption, faster (much faster) readout and the possibility to place anti-blooming gates and dischargers and other stuff more directly on the CMOS pixel rows, than the CCD allows.
- 16,2 MPixels. On a ... what, let's guess 1/2.4" sensor at the largest. Our current compact camera leader in terms of image clarity and low noise, is the Canon S9x and G11/G12 with their 1/1.7" CCD which only performs 10 MPixels. So a smaller sensor and higher resolution WILL result in more noise, backlit sensor or not. I clearly remember how the backlit principle should've revolutionized Sony dSLR noise performance, and yet today, Sony dSLRs are STILL the ones delivering the most noise compared to Canon and Nikon competitors.

I use Sony dSLRs myself, but that doesn't mean I always agree with their choises in terms of tech.

I believe that the 1/1.63 sensor in the Olympus XZ-1 has the largest sensor. For it's small size the camera produces very nice images.

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On article Olympus PEN Lite and PEN Mini announced and previewed (30 comments in total)
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absentaneous: sometimes I really don't understand the logic of camera manufacturers. if the dpreview specification sheet is right and it should be also from looking at the pictures the E-PL3 and E-PM1 cameras don't even have a built in flash! while the E-P3 one which is supposed to be aimed at more advanced users has one! before the story was the way around. the less advanced E-PL got the built in flash and the E-P didn't. and that made sense because an advanced photographer is more likely to even want to use an external flash anyway. I really wonder how many potential E-PL3 or E-PM1 users are the kind of photographers that would want to bother with an external flash unit. I mean really, you bother making a really small camera and then you make it in the way that it need an external flash unit which makes it's small size irrelevant. no logic whatsoever. the only logic I see here is to make more money selling external flashes. I wonder how many people are stupid enough to buy into this.

The flash is included, it's stated quite clearly.

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On article Olympus PEN E-P3 announced and previewed (84 comments in total)

Oly keeps on impressing me.

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Everyone seems to hate this camera but I have the Oly XZ-1 which I love and I'm interested to see what this Pentax does. I think the back-lit cmos sensor is going to surprise people.

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