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Comitant: I bought mine 3 weeks after release and I'm pleased with the results using a 50mm 1.4. No dust, no oil. If you are worried about this possibility, buy from a place like B&H which stands behind their products.

For subjects up to 6' away, at 24 megapixels I see more in the photo than I do with the naked eye. There are a few ergonomic flaws in the camera (ISO control, grip, and thumb control) but overall this camera deserves to be called an instrument.

@VivaLasVegas. A buddy of mine recetly bought a brand new Corvette ZR1 that cost over 100K and 3 days later is went back to the dealer for electronic issues. My point being is that nothing is perfect even though we would like them to be and yes I understand that we pay alot of money for things that should not have problems but problems and issues are a part of life.

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Canon vs Nikon vs anything else, how about just take photos and quit complaining about witch one is better because if you can't produce a good photo from any of the cameras regardless who made it... you have no buisness having one in the first place.

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What an F-ing dissapointment that Canon and Nikon are for stooping so low to the point that their DSLR's are more geared up with video and have now begun to ditch actual useful features and opt for the video BS . Everyone is on this video bandwagon and it is getting stupid, I have a suggestion for the video guys.... Get a dedicated VIDEO CAMERA.

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Just another cheat tool that all these digital crazed amatuers who don't know what the hell they are doing in the first place and don't even know what DOF stands for anyway to use to fake bokeh becuase they couldn't get it right from the start. It's a good tool for some but mostly to be overused by many.

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philo123: The way I see it is in this new battle between Canon/Nikon with the 5dMkII and D800. If you had the latest Megabucks titanium head carbon shafted golf clubs it ain't going turn you into the next Tiger Woods. A craftsman has to learn their art with the basic tools. Just use you current DSLR's whatever brand they may be, invest in some decent glass and just get out and practice your technique. You'll be surprised in a year's time that you've produced some pretty good work WITHOUT the latest gear!

Absolutely true philo123. I get sick and tired of these amatuers that are more concerned with MP's and in camera HDR processing and so on and when these people complain about why there photos are not turning out like they want them too they are quick to blame the camera and automaticly feel the need to upgrade in wich that is not the solution. I always teach that it is the person behind the viewfinder that creates a powerful image and the camera just takes the picture.

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Antal J: First Impressions: its a pretty bulky stuff, more like a brick.

Maybe a point and shoot would be more to your liking.

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