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  • Hi, That's a very sharp lens.  I didn't know it was that sharp.  By the way, you can get it in different colors from Japan on Ebay for about $100.00 more.  I like the green one myself, but I don't ...
  • Hi, That's a great picture, yarrumjr!  I like the leading lines that take you deeper into the picture.  Congratulations! Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, That's some beautiful light in your photo.  It really complements the flower nicely.  A professional quality result. Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, Sorry about your fence, but I have to say I really like squirrels, and I think they are cute.  So is your picture! Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, To get to the point, it's a very positive review.  They praised the image quality, high ISO performance, dynamic range, weather-sealed body, anti-shake system, interchangeable grips, and other ...
  • Hi, I just wish there was a way to communicate with shutterbug about this.  They gave Pentax bad publicity.  It's not a huge deal, but still, as a matter of principle I would like to let them know ...
  • Hi, I recommend the Sigma 70-300 APO.  I had it when I used a Pentax K-3, and I got good results at all focal lengths. Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, Yes, Lawrence, it was the same chart.  I don't know which lens was used in the test.  I would agree that it is a strange result. Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, I couldn't find this review on their website, so you'll have to buy the magazine if you want to read the details, although it's a pretty short review. While the KP gets positive comments for ...
  • Hi, I wanted to suggest the Pentax k-70.  It's weather-resistant, has a glass pentaprism viewfinder, and has built in shake reduction.  Good camera. Best wishes , Omelko
  • Hi, They're nice shots.  I like the blurred foreground, although I might have opened up the lens more to blur the background some more.  Hope that helps. Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, The first shot, with that curling trail of water droplets is very good.  So is the shot of the gull with it's head in the water.  Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, I am crazy enough to own another full-frame system, but it would be based on the Pentax K-1.  Problem is I can't afford it.So I'll stick with the Canon 6d. Best wishes, Omelko
  • Hi, I have to say that when I was just using an aps-c camera, I realized that I needed shallower depth of field, so I got the Canon 6d.  Since then, I've never felt like my camera body was the ...
  • Hi, I have to be honest, I don't see anything that leads the eye to any specific subject within the frame.  If the bee is the subject, it's too small in my opinion.  I do like the well-blurred ...
  • Hi, The KP was also recently reviewed by Amateur Photographer (U.K.) magazine.  They gave it a 9 out of 10 for image quality, but a 7/10 for AWB, which I wouldn't use anyway, and a 7/10 for ...
  • Hi, All three are excellent shots.  You really got a good close-up to the bee in the first shot.  And nice, shallow depth-of-field in all three. Regards, Omelko
  • Hi, I didn't read the other comments in the thread, but I actually like that lens.  I think it's quite sleek looking.  I have the 50mm version, and it's also sharp.  That's a nice picture you took, ...
  • I think that if people avoid Pentax then the future will be bleak indeed! Regards, Omelko
  • Hello, That's a very nice picture you took.  Also, that Astrotracer function really works.  The only thing I can think of to do differently would be to show some trees or something in the ...
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