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Snoozefest. This sounds like a firmware update rather than an actual product update. I mean, same sensor, same body, same features, with a small bump in image quality.

Link | Posted on Apr 11, 2018 at 14:27 UTC as 3rd comment

Yeah, they don't want you to see their expensive products, then walk to that last area where all the Chinese sellers are and realize you can get the same thing for 10 times less money.

Hope they use this break to improve their softbox assembly process, because honestly it's kind of annoying that some random Chinese company has a better and faster way to assemble a light modifier, at a fraction of the cost.

Link | Posted on Apr 11, 2018 at 12:19 UTC as 7th comment | 2 replies

Seems unreasonably expensive. If you were to split this into a sepparate SSD docks (probably the most expensive part of the rig), a normal card reader and a specialized reader for XQD, you could still get it all for around 100$. Even splurging on the top of the line brand name products, it still wouldn't go over 250$. Not to mention you're much safer having a few separate cheaper products rather than all-in-one. This is a very niche product, so I guess there are productions out there that need this and don't care for the cost.

Link | Posted on Feb 7, 2018 at 12:02 UTC as 8th comment

I just talked to my buddy Canon, he spent 20 minutes convincing me we're still BFF. Then Sony called, asking if I wanna go for some coffee this week... I don't know what to think anymore!

Link | Posted on Aug 6, 2017 at 13:43 UTC as 136th comment | 1 reply

We bought some Chinese battery grip for our A7RII, it's been going strong for over a year. Also, we use several non-branded remote controllers for our various Canon and Sony cameras, without any issues. People can bash Chinese gear as much as they like, but there is really a point in pricing where the advantage of using much more expensive branded gear starts feeling like a rip-off. I wouldn't go for cameras and lenses just yet, but flashes, grips, remotes, triggers... Absolutely!

Link | Posted on Aug 6, 2017 at 12:21 UTC as 3rd comment | 2 replies

Over here in Europe, Croatia, you don't need to register anything to enforce your rights. You become the author of the image as soon as you take it and you cannot give up that authorship to third party for as long as you live. Basically, you just need to have sufficient evidence that you are in fact the author (full size res, proof of purchase or the camera itself image was taken with, other photos taken at the same time etc.). You can register with intellectual property office if you want, but the law specifically says you become the author as soon as the artwork is created regardless.

Link | Posted on May 27, 2017 at 08:55 UTC as 10th comment | 2 replies
On article Extremely dramatic video touts Canon's CMOS technology (194 comments in total)

If you want to see a much prettier moonbow, please check out our timelapse video of National park Krka (Croatia), at about 0:55 mark... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnNA_I_PQko

We honestly had no idea this was sooooo rare :D

Link | Posted on Feb 20, 2017 at 16:02 UTC as 5th comment | 1 reply

Pretty much the only thing GoPro had going for it's drone launch was it's good reputation as a inventor and producer of solid performing action-cams. With that gone, and with DJI pretty much ruling the market, I'm guessing this company won't be around for long.

Link | Posted on Nov 22, 2016 at 10:03 UTC as 7th comment

I bet you dorks at Samsung are now thinking "if only we stuck with the user-replaceable batteries". Which is the sole reason for me still using the Note 4 - and I couldn't be happier.

Link | Posted on Oct 13, 2016 at 11:20 UTC as 26th comment | 1 reply
On article Polaroid-branded BrightSaber Pro wand packs 298 LEDs (41 comments in total)

I find it strangely ironic that a former western industrial giant such as Polaroid is now selling cheap rebranded Chinese products. Slap a "Polaroid" logo onto a 99$ light and now it magically costs 162$!

Link | Posted on Mar 4, 2016 at 12:47 UTC as 8th comment | 1 reply
On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (359 comments in total)
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vscd: Before you judge... please note that even the latest Star Wars Film used film for some scenes, while the big blockbuster from Nolan or Tarantino used film nearly for everything. Even today. There are some specs on the Vision 3 based emulsions which outresolve any digital sensor, even today (-5/+5 lattitude, no highlight clipping). It's not for me, not for my neighbor or my aunt, but maybefor for new filmmakers out there. The work is harder, but driving an old car is not about efficiency or costs, it's about the thing the driving aka filming was all about. Long time before pixelpeeping and equivalencetrolling ;) I like the idea and still take pictures on film. Using the fullframe digicam for metering the light, only.

The reason why film is still used in Hollywood (mostly large 65) is because it still holds up to, and in some cases even surpases, digital film cameras. But just barely. For example, DOP on The Revenant, an ardent film-shooting guy, declared after shooting with the latest Arri digital camera that this is probably his divorce from film for good. I would be very hesitant in making an example out of quirky directors, because a vast majority of movies today is shot on digital. And for good reasons too - sensitivity performance, resolution, speed of workflow, grading flexibility and even dynamic range.

Link | Posted on Jan 7, 2016 at 13:58 UTC
On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (359 comments in total)

Here's a great tag line - "If you're going to make bedroom home movies with our Super 8 - you better be quick about it!"

Link | Posted on Jan 7, 2016 at 13:47 UTC as 96th comment
On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (359 comments in total)

Next up from Kodak - a (re)volutionary product where an authorized Kodak painting artists comes to your set and paints frame-by-frame shots of what you want recorded for posterity. Then all you need to do is wait for a few months so that your recordings are animated and delivered to you on a digital format. All that for only $500 an hour!

Link | Posted on Jan 7, 2016 at 13:43 UTC as 97th comment
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chlamchowder: More competition is always a good thing for consumers (typically brings better quality and/or lower prices).

But no one knows better than the Chinese that mainland Chinese companies shouldn't be trusted...so....

More than half a century of communism followed by going for a market economy brings many things, but integrity and accountability sadly aren't included.

I own a few Xiaomi products (battery packs, usb hubs, pcie cards etc.) and they have all performed flawlessly for over two years now. I would have absolutely zero worries buying anything from them. They are a huge tech company, google it!

Link | Posted on Dec 4, 2015 at 15:07 UTC
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nerd2: Everyone know that GoPro is terribly overpriced, considering how cheap smartphones are nowadays. Still, I don't like xiaomi making absolutely shameless copy products. They could at least change the dimension and UI (I think GoPro design is stupid and can be vastly improved)

Are dimensions really same as gopro? That would actually make it very tempting, considering the amount of gopro accessories...

Link | Posted on Dec 4, 2015 at 15:04 UTC
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brownie314: Wow - Sony is really selling its sensors to just anyone who will pony up the cash. Looks like they are looking to lock down the whole sensor market worldwide.

You have no idea what you're talking about. Xiaomi is HUGE! This company is bigger than most well-known names in tech production.

Link | Posted on Dec 4, 2015 at 15:02 UTC
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acidic: Made in Italy can just as well be Made in Italy by the Chinese. At least this is often the case in fashion, but who's to say that it won't migrate to other industries as well.

So? Perhaps you don't realize it, but most of the stuff you use every single day is either made in China, or at least originates from China. Everything from light switches, buttons on your pants, cabels in your walls, the silicone chips in your phone, the keyboard you typed your message on - all made in China. Saying that something was "made in China" in a degrading sense is a thing of the past. As the saying goes - on the first day God created Chinese, and then they made everything else.

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2015 at 11:47 UTC
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Drazen Stojcic Buntovnik: Wildlife, documentary and reality TV crews will be standing in lines with cash in their hands to get this camera. And once you start seen inexplicably good looking night shots, you'll know it was shot with this baby. Also, rest assured that this will be used in Hollywood productions BIG time. Upscaling 1080 to 2K or even 4K in cinema is pretty common, especially if you have high-quality source material.

Exactly! Because 30K for a camera that enables you to shoot quality full HD video in complete darkness is really not that much. Especially considering it's currently the only camera that can give you such performance. It's like complaining that the Phantom Flex4K is expensive, when it's the only camera that can get you what you need / want / have budget for. BBC used low light monochrome cameras to film the black rhinos in Africa and when I watched the documentary I was simply blown away by how incredible those shots were. And they were black and white noisy blurry compression mess! I can only imagine what they will pull of with this camera.

Link | Posted on Jul 31, 2015 at 00:56 UTC

Wildlife, documentary and reality TV crews will be standing in lines with cash in their hands to get this camera. And once you start seen inexplicably good looking night shots, you'll know it was shot with this baby. Also, rest assured that this will be used in Hollywood productions BIG time. Upscaling 1080 to 2K or even 4K in cinema is pretty common, especially if you have high-quality source material.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1563 comments in total)
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johnami: I had the original DSC 100 and was happy with it until the day a dust particle got on the sensor and that dreaded black dot appeared on each photo I took. A few months later I some how managed to drop the thing into a puddle of water. Result, circuit board damage, repair cost higher than the value of the camera.

I wouldn't buy the RX100 IV if you tend to put the pocket camera in your pocket and in all terrain situations. If they could give the body some form of all weather treatment I might think again. I still have a Panasonic LX3 which has seen all sorts of situations. No sensor dust and still going strong. Ok no puddles, but rain and wind.

Valid point, but then again, that's the problem with all "pocket" cameras, with only exception being the rugged / waterproof / dustproof cameras. Those cameras however are seriously crippled and will never produce images compared to RX100 line. In my opinion, best way to carry these "pocket" cameras is to buy a small belt-pouch, such as Lowepro Apex. Those can be hooked to any kind of belt, or hanged off your shoulder. They're robust and have an included rain cover, I've used them extensively and they're great!

Link | Posted on Jul 16, 2015 at 11:58 UTC
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