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While I would have preferred to have a proper headphone jack, if someone is really serious about their "audio workflow", they are using an external recorder and the in-camera is just for reference in post. And for that looking at the meters and making sure you're not clipping is good enough. For a mission-critical shoot a MixPre is going to be used and I'll monitor audio there.

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I bought this as a kit with the X-T3 during the holidays so the effective price was much lower than buying it alone. That may color my opinion, but I find the lens to be quite useful and a good compromise between size, weight, performance, and features. Every lens is a compromise - just need to figure out which aspects are most important to you. Seems this lens mostly suffers from unrealistic expectations, with people expecting it to outperform the red badge lenses with longer range, lower price and OIS. Ain't gonna happen. But of course most are going to sell all their Fuji gear anyway because the "flippy screen" of the X-T4 has ruined the brand for them :D

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SalmanH: Guys, this is a CAMERA review, no need to take it so personally. If you like the camera, buy it. Why get so upset about what other people think? Once again, this is a camera DPR have reviewed, not your child.

but…but…the size of my manhood is determined by the dpr score of my camera! No wait, it is determined by the sensor size! No wait, it is determined by how many brick walls I can shoot! No wait…

Ok, I've come to my senses. Now, what camera does Bieber use?!?! I need to go take some pictures of a Lambo...

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If you don't like it, don't buy it. I can say that in the short time of owning the A7 I haven't had this much fun shooting in quite a few years. Doing MF and actually engaging the process is pleasant, and the resulting files are wonderful. I also shoot u4/3 which is great for certain things (GH-3 is a wonderful video tool, GM1 is the best point-and-shoot you can find for IQ). I actually have not historically been a Sony fan. Didn't like the RX100 and had an a77 for work that left me cold. But for some reason this A7 is really enjoyable to shoot. The user experience is a personal thing and doesn't quantify well for reviews, but I'm convinced that some live to compare specs and pick nits. I owned an EM5 for a year and briefly shot an EM1. Frankly I don't agree with much of the ado about the EM1 - I hate the shutter feel, and the ergs are close but no cigar. For me. A7 isn't perfect but it makes for fun shooting and these days that may be the most important factor. Ymmv.

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