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Nikita66: Every Samsung product I have ever used has had stupidly illogical UI. That plus mediocre quality and their blatant rip off of other companies (Apple of course) is enough to never come near one of their products. Have some integrity, look elsewhere.

i guess this camera phone was a straight rip-off from apple, just like the galaxy note :D

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as a handicap, he should take pictures of other fellow athletes behind him using the D4 during his olympic sprints

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this is a really excellent camera for those with any doubts.

i went on vacation so decided to buy it now, with some corporate discount, instead of waiting for the price to drop (and my suspicion is the price will drop... this is hardly an affordable camera given the stock levels)

yes, AF is slow... but it is the image quality that stands out

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oh wow. this is a sensor problem now? it's good that fuji is hinting that there will be a recall. i'm more confident in buying the xpro 1 now...

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that's really good. i thought you would only be able to buy a couple of sigma pens and coffee cups with 40 points.

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Markoe Photoe: Why couldn't we pick our cameras based only a photo of the final output that the camera produced? The cost would also be listed next to the print to justify the cost to get to that level of quality.

Not sure why we have to discuss models hair, her eyelashes, camera hood slightly crooked...who really cares about this?

When you're out shooting with this camera, or other cameras, do people think about this mindless chatter?

it is your personal opinion that there are only two measurable qualities in a camera -- the picture quality and price

there's the experience while taking a picture (leica MF lenses vs AF in P&S), size of camera (dslr vs mirrorless), convenience of sharing pictures (smartphone vs real camera), which cannot be easily measured in your system.

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facebook does not excel in picture quality, but it has the ability to present it to all your friends.

it's kind of like asking the question... if a tree fell and no one heard it. did it make a sound?

similarly, if a picture was taken but nobody viewed it, was the moment really captured?

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hey dpreview, please do a review on the xpro-1 soon :)... it's expensive, but i'm hoping that the price will go down as more companies enter the high-end mirrorless market.

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it's too bad that the price is not "mainstream" for this walk-around camera (i'm making this assumption because of the 18mm and 35mm lenses).

mind you a nex-7 + carl zeiss 24mm f1.8 will cost around the same price...

it's probably wrong to compare these cameras to a gf2, but gf2 kit costs about $300 and it's pretty good for a walkaround camera :)

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