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Gmon750: I'm actually surprised they made as much as they reported. It's still a $1.5B company.

So sad. They are a prime example (just like Blackberry) that missed the most biggest boat ever and ignorance became their downfall.

"most biggest ever"?

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Revenance: RIP Nikon, adapt or die

Ironically, Sony is the camera that can use "legacy" lenses ;-)

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ttran88: Finally a company brave and strong enough to come out and kill the stupid headphone wires. It's about time.

dpreview visitors definitely have discerning eyes.... but some perhaps not so discerning ears.

Wireless headphones/ earphones have been around for quite some time (of course Apple gets the credit, as always). No self respecting music lover uses wireless headphones instead of a wired one. The difference in sound quality is day and night.
Poor LG came up with V20 equipped with 32 bit dedicated DAC bundled with a pair of Bang & Olufsen earphones just yesterday ...... and almost nobody noticed.

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Mike CH: Why do I get the feeling that neither DPR nor Time knows what meme actually means...

(Hint it does not mean 'a lot of re-tweets' :-) )

I think you are wrong. From Wiktionary (the second entry is pretty much the correct use in the article):

"Coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene (1976). Shortened (after gene) from , from Ancient Greek μίμημα.

(IPA): /miːm/
noun (plural memes)
1- Any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another in a comparable way to the transmission of genes.
2- (Internet) Something that is copied and circulated online with slight adaptations, including quizzes, basic pictures, video templates etc."

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This whole pan 'EU' nanny thing has turned into quite a monster. I'm surprised how Europeans can put up with so many bizarre and silly laws interferring with their lives.

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My Canon FDn dinosaurs have cost me around 50 bucks each. Doubt if they are 50 times worse... and the 50mm one is f1.4

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Makes you wonder why we should be so reliant on a particular company to get our jobs done.

If Toyota/VW went bust overnight, it wouldn't the end of motoring world, would it?

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Pixel peepers & Apple fan boys rejoice.

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I'm reminded of Austin Powers for some strange reason.

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