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Ebrahim Saadawi: Who holds the Patent for Dual Pixel Auto focus technology? Canon seem to brag they invented and pioneered this technology in the 70D.

If Samsung can use it, it's either commissioned by Canon to do so or it's not a patented technology, in which case one would wonder, with the marvel advances that comes with Canon DPAF then why Sony and Nikon cameras don't have it too?

There are many ways to "re-invent" a wheel.
Samsung does not license "dual-pixel" tech from Canon.

Dual pixel AF is not really marvelous, its just a different way of doing AF, if you don't have DPAF on sensor like others do.

Dual Pixel AF is still much slower then Sony Hybrid Phase+Contast AF

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PedroMZ: question....surely SSDs are more reliable than these hard drives? Please advise.

SSD are not more reliable, in a lot of ways they are less reliable, when SSD breaks (and they do) change of recovering files are close to 0%.

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Paul Petersen: Would it not be just the Bee's knees of you could get this sensor in a good old fashioned camcorder and shoot stuff like this with a 10x zoom.

why, would you want crappy iphone sensor in a camcorder?

There are better camcorders out there. or are you just a apple fanatic that buys everything with apple logo?

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LessMirrored19: I'm sure the next iteration of Sony pro mirrorless will surpassed DSLRs in AF tracking ... Mirrorless is already matching DSLRs in AF covfefe , AF capabilities , AF features
The mirror hurt the AF a lot

Mirrorless had phase detect for years and years.

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Kharan: Nikon fails to deliver again. They could've been more careful with their words, or rather, should've. It was obvious that the D850 just wouldn't match the D5 for AF, especially because of its slower mirror assembly, but I guess that making grandiloquent and unrealistic statements was far more important for Nikon's marketing team >_<

" slower mirror assembly" that why its a good idea to get rid of the mirror. it just gets in the way.

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Nice Hitachi (HGST) drive.

Pretty much all large capacity WD drives are Hitachi (HGST) design.

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so maybe a similar partnership like Leica has with Panasonic, when some cameras are identical just sold under two brands.

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quietrich: Whatever you say about Olympus, they sure know how to design beautiful cameras, and always have done.

Many commenters are unhappy with the 16mp resolution, but for me this is the optimum res, particularly on a smaller sensor; Fine A3 prints, and double-page spreads are the maximum most of us will ever need. People talk about cropping, but why? Get closer or attach a longer lens. Careful composition is one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of photography, and is best done with the camera rather than in post, imo.

I got a7rII, and I really miss my E-M5, E-M1, and E-M10, such fun cameras, will get myself an Olympus again.

Link | Posted on Aug 31, 2017 at 16:45 UTC

this lens should have discontinued 15 years ago.

Link | Posted on Aug 30, 2017 at 17:39 UTC as 25th comment | 5 replies
On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (530 comments in total)
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Absolutic: If canon put ibis in their cameras like Sony A class or Pentax dslrs, they would not have to worry about arabization on 85mm lenses to begin with.


I own the GM, I used to own 1.2L, and I tried Sigma art.

The GM is completely different caliber, others can't compare.
1.2L is horrible solf, even stopped down, Sigma Art has a weird bokeh.

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On article Canon unveils stabilized EF 85mm F1.4L lens (530 comments in total)
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JackM: DPR, can you please add an automatic two-week ban feature to the "I had it" button on new gear announcements?

unlikelly but its possible that some "tester" had it.

When annoucement happens, this lens already exist, this lens been in certain people hands probably for last 6-12+ months.

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Gesture: Do any other EOS-M cameras have this sensor. Thanks.


and yet they released a turd like 6dII

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Gesture: Do any other EOS-M cameras have this sensor. Thanks.

@ Gesture, Canon can't make lesser cameras with better sensor then more expensive cameras.

Canon will always gimp their lesser models, until more expensive model catches up.

Another example is 5DIV with the horrible motion jpeg cropped pathetic 4k, they can't release a camera with good 4k mode because that would cut out EOS Cinema market out.

When EOS Cinema moves to 6k, or 8k, then maybe 5D series will get proper 4k.

That just how Canon operates.

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Jefftan: unless one really like Canon or the EOS M lens system

the 3.5 years old A6000 (or better comparison is A5100 as both no EVF) is still a much better camera in almost all aspect

This is a fact and no argument needed

Whether APS-C E-mount (yes I know 3 years no new lens and is frustrated like everyone eles) lens system is really worse than EOS M can be debated
Maybe Canon 15-45mm kit is better than E 16-50mm too (just maybe, 16-50mm is ok if one get a good copy)

Sony is #1 in mirrorless company for a reason

When I was a Canon shooter I tried EOS M few times, every time it was a huge disappointment.

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wow, i'm liking the results people are posting... Sony seems to be winning in majority of test.

Link | Posted on Aug 28, 2017 at 05:00 UTC as 8th comment

A russian re-branded Sony a7 series, i would buy it ;)

make sure it has USSR logo on it ;)

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burnin: And that is why you fly private.
Step it up, man. Sheesh.

if he can afford Leica and 11,000 lens, that true. Should have fly private.

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roustabout66: "According to the lawsuit filed by the DoL, B&H Foto 'systematically discriminated' against Asian, black, and female jobseekers, instead hiring only male Hispanic workers in its entry-level positions."

If they only hired Hispanic males why did they not also discriminate against white males? It says only Asian, black and females jobseekers?

in today world is impossible to discriminate against white male, according to liberal snowflake generation, white male is privilege, so doesn't matter what happens, its never discrimination.

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minababe: In answer to people saying how tribalism and racism are a part of human nature, just know that this is a classic tactic apologists of these ideologies resort to to defend the indefensible. It's called normalization. By taking something and making it seem like it's a "fact of life" or "human nature" or "in our genes", they are trying to get everyone to adjust to their skewed perspective as some kind of norm.

Because so many apologists are resorting to the act of normalization, these types of tweets and photos cannot be tweeted and shared enough. Racism, xenophobia and intolerance are not "norms", a fact of life, an indelible part of the human condition or "reality". They stem from the minds of individuals who are racist, xenophobic and intolerant and encourage this state of mind in others. If we don't counter this type of nonsense, we're going to allow these types of people with their skewed mindsets to redefine reality for the rest of us in the same way the Nazis did in the 1930s.

that would be one hell of a sight ;)

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PhotoUniverse: I've had Synology NAS device (5 drives) for more than 6-7 years. and it's running with no problem 24/7.

Best NAS device in market hands down.

sorry to hear that, but thanks for posting that.

That excactly why NAS is not a backup, its not a safe storage device, its safer then single drive, but it still not safe.

Having a NAS or something home build like NAS is a great idea, but that is only step one.
Step two is to have it backed up to external drive in safe area
step three is to have offsite backup (either cloud or family house)

NAS drives fail, volumes will get corrupt, data will be corrupted, data can get erased, you can get hit by some ransomware.
If you don't have offsite backup your house can burn down, or you can get burglarized.

Storing everything on single NAS is playing with fire, I don't care if your running Raid 6 or raid 66, doesn't matter if you have 1, 2, or 100 drives redundancy, rule number 1, is $#!t happens.

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