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burnin: And that is why you fly private.
Step it up, man. Sheesh.

if he can afford Leica and 11,000 lens, that true. Should have fly private.

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roustabout66: "According to the lawsuit filed by the DoL, B&H Foto 'systematically discriminated' against Asian, black, and female jobseekers, instead hiring only male Hispanic workers in its entry-level positions."

If they only hired Hispanic males why did they not also discriminate against white males? It says only Asian, black and females jobseekers?

in today world is impossible to discriminate against white male, according to liberal snowflake generation, white male is privilege, so doesn't matter what happens, its never discrimination.

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minababe: In answer to people saying how tribalism and racism are a part of human nature, just know that this is a classic tactic apologists of these ideologies resort to to defend the indefensible. It's called normalization. By taking something and making it seem like it's a "fact of life" or "human nature" or "in our genes", they are trying to get everyone to adjust to their skewed perspective as some kind of norm.

Because so many apologists are resorting to the act of normalization, these types of tweets and photos cannot be tweeted and shared enough. Racism, xenophobia and intolerance are not "norms", a fact of life, an indelible part of the human condition or "reality". They stem from the minds of individuals who are racist, xenophobic and intolerant and encourage this state of mind in others. If we don't counter this type of nonsense, we're going to allow these types of people with their skewed mindsets to redefine reality for the rest of us in the same way the Nazis did in the 1930s.

that would be one hell of a sight ;)

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PhotoUniverse: I've had Synology NAS device (5 drives) for more than 6-7 years. and it's running with no problem 24/7.

Best NAS device in market hands down.

sorry to hear that, but thanks for posting that.

That excactly why NAS is not a backup, its not a safe storage device, its safer then single drive, but it still not safe.

Having a NAS or something home build like NAS is a great idea, but that is only step one.
Step two is to have it backed up to external drive in safe area
step three is to have offsite backup (either cloud or family house)

NAS drives fail, volumes will get corrupt, data will be corrupted, data can get erased, you can get hit by some ransomware.
If you don't have offsite backup your house can burn down, or you can get burglarized.

Storing everything on single NAS is playing with fire, I don't care if your running Raid 6 or raid 66, doesn't matter if you have 1, 2, or 100 drives redundancy, rule number 1, is $#!t happens.

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PhotoUniverse: I've had Synology NAS device (5 drives) for more than 6-7 years. and it's running with no problem 24/7.

Best NAS device in market hands down.

When you do something for free, same or better then someone that spends hundreds or thounsands of dollars, it "hurts" them.

they feel the need to justify their reason for spending hundreds of dollars for something that can be done for free with hardware laying around your house.

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Mariano Pacifico: Should I shoot solar Eclipse with a Nikon or a Canon? Would people know the difference?

both would be fine, even Canon with limited DR ;)

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photogeek: Up to 40TB of storage if you don't care that your files can suddenly be lost to a single drive failure. If you do care, it's considerably less. With such large drives it is recommended to have at least two redundant disks in the array, because a rebuild caused by a single disk failure has a non negligible chance of uncovering problems with other drives.

@panther fan
well said, if you care about your data you need a proper backup.

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cgarrard: Man we need a lot more info on the net like this. The internet has become a fantasy land for so many.

yap the current snowflake generation, and if they don't get stuff their way just complain, riot and cry injustice.

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I agree with this "Similarly, I doubt that Canon intentionally held back the dynamic range (DR) on the EOS 6D II to push people to buy the EOS 5D IV. It’s much more likely that it was cheaper to iterate on an existing design or to spread the cost of an older, coarser production line over one last generation of sensors because they don’t think the end user will mind. Or, at least, not enough to stop them buying the camera."

a lot of fanboys are sheep, they don't care if the product is good or bad, if its has certain logo people will still buy it.

so why innovate and push the product to max, when sheeps will still buy it.

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newe: Maybe Nikon will buy!

Nikon is broke as hell, no chance of that.

Link | Posted on Aug 3, 2017 at 00:30 UTC

DP, you should be ashamed for posting crap like that. Sounds nothing more then disgruntled employee that got let go, so now he goes around crapping on former employer.

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Lil g: What kind of human being leaks images of products before they are released? Is this what we have become?

99% chance they were leaked by Nikon.

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R1Law: Canon's development and release strategies are tiring. Constantly compromising for fear of self cannibalizing the excessive number of existing models - this reminds me of General Motors prior to bankruptcy. In this case it's a simple opening for an aggressive competitor like Sony to eat their lunch. Canon is not doomed, but they will continue to lose market share until they wake up and start producing better value, fewer models, greater innovation. This from a person locked into the Canon eco-system; just looking for a way to jump ship - A9 may be the way out.

jump!! the other ship is much better ;)

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DavidMaven: While it's certainly disappointing to see a long-awaited camera perform poorly on laboratory tests, it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools. If you can't make good image with a 6D2, you can't make a good image, period.

To paraphrase Ansel Adams, a good image is one that emotionally resonates with person viewing it, not one that fits a graph plot. Pros should probably skip the 6D2, but then again, the 6D2 is not aimed at pros.

I still use Canon 20D bodies, and the people for whom I do the odd job are satisfied to the point that I get asked to shoot the same subjects and events on a yearly basis with the same gear. I'll keep using my 20D bodies until I have a catastrophic mechanical failure.

So by all means, the measurebators should boycott the 6D2. Canon and distributors will have to drop prices to move inventory that I can then pick up at a nice discount and have a much more capable camera than I have now.

Good day and good shooting.


that is a great analogy of Canon :)

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Mescalamba: Yea that happens if you cant really make new tech for CMOS. Or dont want to.

@ dmanthree

Nikon uses Sony sensors, and Sony is the leader in sensors

Canon is still using obsolete 500nm process from long long ago, they really really need overhaul their entire sensor production line, and if they can't afford it, dump this Japanese (we can do it on our own) pride and buy sensors from a company that has talent and equipment to produce good sensors.

Link | Posted on Jul 20, 2017 at 14:49 UTC
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srados: So MAIN REASON why I would buy a Canon camera is that "DYNAMIC RANGE" is NEUTRAL with Canons. Meaning with Canon I will get closer to true colors. Overly SATURATED images from other camera makers (you can call it dynamic range I am calling it over-saturation and making colors look unnatural). That DYNAMIC RANGE that "FAILS" that is opinion of DPR is the ACTUAL REASON why I would purchase CANON over any other camera. That freedom to push my image where I can see it fit and the Canon look that actual "outdated design" sensor make. If I was in a market for it I would go and purchase it. I love the samples published on the DPR.


DR does not equal saturation.

And you shoot weddings? i'm so sorry for your clients.

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Edward NJ: Doesn't surprise me that Canon was going to do something to cripple this body against the more expensive FFs, I thought that's why they didn't add the 4K but this is insane. Let's wait and see what DXO Mark has to say, why they didn't use the same technology they're using in the the 5D4 or the 80D? :-/
If they do the same BS with the 7D3 I may be jumping ship. Sony can you come up with a baby a9 with a cropped sensor?

@ Edward NJ

I jumped to Sony 2 years ago, best decision (in photography) I ever made.

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MMACory: What if I were to have an inferior camera, but somehow take superior pictures with it?

"What if I were to have an inferior camera, but somehow take superior pictures with it?"

That right there should be Canons next marketing motto: "Buy our inferior cameras, use your skills to try and squeeze all you can to make image look ok"

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tedwill48167: Two questions for the reviewer:

1. Can this be fixed with a software update?

2. Do you make Canon aware of your findings to give them an opportunity to address the issues?


@ tedwill48167

1) can't fix sensors with software
2) Canon is well aware of the turds that they are releasing.

Link | Posted on Jul 20, 2017 at 14:39 UTC

so so glad I dumped Canon when I did.

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