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  • Right, so far.

    But If NIKON just glue some lenses to NIKON 1 body, the Nikon new 1" P&S may beat SONY in AF at least, may be better OIS too. plus continuous shoot without blackout.

    SONY will not...

  • Boky;

    As photo 101, "colour" as a final result which has nothing to do with sensor.

    As a matter of fact, G1X.M2's "Huge" 1.5" sensor has one bit *less* Color depth comparing to SONY "small" 1"...

  • >>> "have a xE2, my friend has a XT1...One day it was like 40 degrees Celsius and both cameras did not function anymore".

    Both dead at same day will make people think again to buy FUJI. Plus "...

  • ... In terms of "G1X.M2 is hard to sell even it is less than $600" , Olympus seems can sell more MFT 12mm (24mm equivalent) f/2.0 Lens along for $100 more at $700.

    Canon G1X.M2's 24-120mm f/2-3.9...

  • Canon did one thing right which is using SONY 1" sensors.

    Look the G1X.M2, the Canon made sensor is larger than MFT, but the IQ is no better than SONY 1" sensor after normalized.

    If Canon uses...

  • >>> "Fuji made it clear that the damages were not caused by water of corrosion.
    In that case it must by the heat.".

    Not q good quality product. Plus bad design as it should have thermal protection...

  • "My camera has to be fixt and that cost 488,36 Euro".

    Good info, FUJI is really hungry for money. No good.

  • Samuel C;

    What are you talking about? ""it's easy to shift priorities when constantly surrounded by a certain photographic culture there in your new office, new colleagues.".

    The review and...

  • Samuel C;

    >>>> Sony may not make the uber-cam to kill all others.

    BTW, I do not have RX100.M1 but OP has as he says. I only buy P&S 24mm or close to 25mm, so I bought RX100.M3.

    In terms of...

  • "charged battery only once; ~1500 shots (raw), with 2/3 'left' of the second charge".

    1500 is lot of shots, but If you use your RX100.M1 the same way, you will have 1500 shots without changing...

  • I'm not sure if EVF will make a camera serious, but I like camera having build in EVF for two main reasons:
    - It makes camera still for at least one stop, and
    - when LCD is to hard to see in harsh...

  • As I said early that most of the time, service center can tell you if it is caused by humidity/water damage b/c it causes corrosion.

    BTW: I'm not sure about FUJI, but SONY's warranty does not...

  • Most of the time, service center can tell you if it is caused by humidity/water damage b/c it causes corrosion.

    BTW: I'm not sure about FUJI, but SONY's warranty does not cover corrosion/water...

  • The promotion video is not right as photos have different field of view.

    I thought Japaneses is very careful for details, but not these Blin guys.

  • Per FUJI self regarding to T1:

    "Operating Temperature -10°C - +40°C
    Operating Humidity 10 - 80% (no condensation)"

    BTW, I bought EM5 with weather sealed 12-50 kit to give it a try. It is not too...

  • >>> "So basically Sony is 2-3 years ahead the competition?".

    Ahead of this Canon for sure, but may be not ahead incoming Nikon 1" P&S as Nikon 1 system cameras are very capable and fast if Nikon...

  • If you employ SONY RX100,4's "3-stop neutral density filter", it will hit the AF performance very hard in normal indoor lighting condition as well as impact the color.

    Reduce 3-stop of the...

  • Olympus does the same thing as my TG2 is mostly made from plastic while the one (lens is in the left up corner) before that I have is all high grade stainless steel.

  • Camera makers seems cutting cost on P&S such as my LX7's lens barrel seems made from metal while LX100's lens barrel seems made from plastic.

  • Most, if not all, Canons are made/assembled by robots in Japan as Canon were cutting cost from moving out production from China back to Japan few years ago:


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