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Yesterday, like everyone on this planet, I was angry at Canon for this terrible offensive marketing error. But today it's like a pre-divorce cold flat non-emotion. If I had few extra bucks on me right now, I'd throw away all my Canon gear from the window and switch to something else.
Canon really upset us again. This custom practice has reached it's final point. Canon, f.u.!

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OMG! This is how panic room looks? Where everybody panics? lol

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I wonder what people who buy digital Leicas and w.c. pans covered with gold have in their minds?

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rjx: So Canon announced the 6d, as an entry level FF DSLR. All they had to do was continue with the 5D2 at a lower price.

And now Leica announces the M-E, when all they had to do was continue with the M9 at a lower price.

I'd rather have a used 5D2 (price vs quality ratio) than the 6D or 5D3. And I'd rather have a used M9 than the new M-E or "M." The M9 is selling in the low $4k's on EBAY. And now they should dip somewhere in the low to mid $3k's in the near future. :)

Can you imagine the used M9 + new Voigtlander Nokton Aspherical 35mm f/1.2 II for a total of around $4600!!

for 4600 you can have nikon d800 with great lens. wake up!

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pedromeyer: what do you get, when you put a reborn Leica Co after going bankrupt, together with an almost defunct Kodak company making their sensors, well, the niche products that have very poor after sale service, cameras that are about two years behind the market curve in developments, etc.

In the analog era, the investment in R&D by Leica was quite limited, after all in 50 years basically nothing much was ever changed. THen came the digital era, and they were left in the dust, not understanding exactly what had hit them. Their product line, late on any measure in the development curve vs the market.

Last I heard from their own employees, was that they were so strapped for cash they could not invest in having a modicum of inventory to supply dealers in a timely manner, let alone all the developments needed in R&D.

Kodak also was a great name, even one of the early developers of digital cameras, but what they did not have was an idea of what to do with it all.

You accuse pedromeyer of lying, but if so then why Leica add features like years after everyone does? And what's with ISO? If iso doesn't matter, why they widen the range every year? But if it does matter, why can't Leica produce a modern camera with specs that at least on par with Canon and Nikon. I don't believe Leica. They are a bunch of liars with yesterdays technologies. Why nobody admits that Leica now is nothing but a prestige luxury brand that once was great but since digital era began they left behind in last century.

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