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I have been doing photography since the early 50s while in school and later traveling the world in a variety of positions in the government and private industry. Moved from Boston to Florida in 1988; first, St. Petersburg then Orlando, and now, Tarpon Springs.


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scrup: What a waste. Car is severely compromised. Could have just just used a more regular car.

Now if that camera was a turret instead, that would be interesting.

"...could have just used a more regular car..." If the subject you are filming is traveling at 120-150 mph, what chance does your "regular car" struggling to stay on the road at 100 mph have of keeping it in frame for more than a few seconds.

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lilBuddha: I am a cynic, admittedly. But I do wonder if this was developed for a perceived need of the Huracán's abilities or a need to write off the already purchased motor?
It isn't a new thing to mount a gimbal rig on a fast car, though. This one is just more expensive and faster than previous.

Yeah, right - one is very likely to spend half a mil to right off 200K...
"The frame for this elaborate setup is a $200,000 Lamborghini Huracan. Attached to the inside of the hood of said Huracan is a half-a-million dollar camera gimbal setup "

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In terms of motion pictures, in the early 70s I was working at the Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge, MA. At its film school there was a lot of interest in shooting Super 8 (mostly because it could be done on the cheap). One of the most popular cameras for the purpose was the Braun Nizo - one of its cooler features was the ability to synch a strobe at whatever frame rate was chosen (if the strobe's cycle rate could keep up). This led to experimentation at the MIT media lab in using this feature in filming dance. An example of the lasting perception of this as a viable tool even today can be seen at: https://youtu.be/nbj1ywTHJro
What led to this short film in outlined here: http://blog.planet5d.com/2015/12/blackmagic-sony-nah-my-latest-camera-is-a-1972-braun-nizo-s56-super-8/

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On challenge W is for... (1 comment in total)

What is your opinion regarding a hyphenated brand - one where one half the name starts with other than W, but the other starts with the required letter?

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On challenge -Waiting- (Full Colours Only) (8 comments in total)

Can the picture be of one adult but with a child nearby?

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DPR's teaser headline notwithstanding, but where was the unboxing of the Summilux lenses? What I saw were the Sigma lenses being exposed to view along with an explanation of the rationale for the move to the Leica lenses.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Review (1024 comments in total)

I remain confused why one camera with better specs in many areas, stellar performance in most, and abilities unheard of by a second direct competitor camera, should (with exactly the same score) be relegated to a lower podium position only for having been achieved later. The Olympics occur every four years - I guarantee the winner of the 100 meter dash this last Olympics and the next will still get a gold as have all predecessors regardless the winning time, country of venue, or runner's nationality. Give a superior performance its due.

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Franz Weber: The photographer stopped down the apperture of his noctilux lens to f22 and set ISO to 25.600 with the flash pointing to the sky. The officer just had to stop this nonsense

With all respect to others deriding the deputy's actions, it is entirely possible he was reacting to a bystander's excitedly yelling "Canon!" when the photographer whipped out his EOS-1D X Mark II with the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM attached.

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nicolaiecostel: As I hear it, in Russia and russian speaking countries there is a custom that the first sex should be filmed. So the videographer goes and mounts on the tripod, inserts the media provided by the customer and after consumation the customer stops the camera and removes the media, card tape or whateer.

"So the videographer goes and mounts on the tripod, inserts the media..."

Rather uncomfortable, I would think. Once the photographer is mounted, where is the media inserted - the most logical place would seem to be otherwise occupied.

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NickyB66: does that void the cannon warranty?

Not impact? How so - does the water and the abrasive component not have substance? It is this type of impact that cuts to the quick (and quickly).

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Luke Kaven: I can't believe the rate-of-climb on take-off! They climb like fighter jets. I wonder what kind of chase plane they were using and how they were set up?

The gallery showed a Canadair T-33 landing - no tail number visible, but Boeing owns two AFAIK.

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rubank: If I had the Boeing budget I could do that too :)

Nice enough though. I guess these guys studied Top Gear....

Is it possible you mean "Top Gun?"

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noflashplease: Kodachrome was a lousy film with a quirky process. Does anyone in their right mind want to bring back horrifically complex K-14 processing?

Slide film lost to negative film long before the end of the film era, and Kodachrome was unspeakably bad in terms of quirky color rendition. If I despised Ektachrome, Kodachrome was worse in every respect.

At this point, if someone still want to play with slide film, Fujifilm Velvia was much better in quality than anything that Kodak ever produced.

For normal people, Fujifilm's Superia color negative film is professional quality film stock at an amateur price, although those prices keep creeping up. Kodak fell behind Fujifilm in the 1990s, and quite frankly, I really can't see any reason to buy Kodak film, other than "Buy American" patriotic sentimentality, or nostalgic "lomography" style low fi photography.

How many songs have been written memorializing Velvia?

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seragram: Everybody know Cannon is industry standard for weddings. And Nikkon second choice. That was good addvise. Mirirles people take a shill pil. OLO

...and everybody should know that, in seragram's world as in the article, correct spelling is irrelevant and obsolete.

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Scottelly: Why does it say "Warning: Graphic Image" in red on the black rectangle, where the image should be? I mean this is in no way a graphic image. There is no blood, no nudity, no violence - just a guy standing with a gun and another guy laying on the ground.

Is this just sensationalism?

To quote Will B Milner
"Docno - You're applying subjective attributes to the words graphic and explicit. They don't automatically mean blood, gore and violence.
But you're right these images are all too common... desensitising us to an extent, thus devaluing the severity of terrible events. It's sad really."

Perhaps your senses have been dulled by too many violent video games. Or, are you one of the many "fans" who are disappointed when there are no disasters occurring during an auto race? A human being actually died just moments before this picture was taken and that is HIS "body laying on the ground" (note: try the word 'lying' next time). Had it been yours would you expect the same level of disinterest from those viewing the picture?

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trungtran: Was silent shutter used?

...and this is important why? Even if true, it's unlikely the mirror slap cooperated. Or would you have locked it up?

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pwmoree: What is the underlying table made of???


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On article Affinity Photo beta now available for Windows (85 comments in total)
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Nobby2016: good..... adobe needs to lose it´s market position some day.

While I agree with you, buying a private company is somewhat more difficult than a public one that is active in the equities market. However, it all comes down to Adobe's assessment of Serif's value to them. If they think Serif is a nuisance or holds a patent that Adobe thinks would aid them with some product or group of products and Adobe wants it enough to buy it rather than build it (and they could get past the potential of a Patent infringement) they may just try to either buy the company or the patent or license the patent. It would then come down to Serif's assessment of the opportunity value of all that cash against the potential revenue stream in the near future; X million Dollars today may look much better than Y millions (maybe) over the next 5-10 years. Without knowing the personalities of the parties involved and how many hands in Serif's pot I would not posit a guess as to what (or how much) it would take for Serif's owners to "take the money and run."

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tt321: Did not say anything about compatibility (or not - I guess not) with focus bracketing.

I know that; where do you set the time between exposures for each exposure in the sequence? By that I mean how do you tell the camera to wait X seconds between each exposure? I don't think changing the charging time on a flash will do that.

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On article Affinity Photo beta now available for Windows (85 comments in total)
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Nobby2016: good..... adobe needs to lose it´s market position some day.

This will happen only if someone with humongous pockets is willing to dig in them for tons of money. They will need to support an incredible development effort with a wealth of talented personnel; give them input from working professionals and facilities that enhance the process. Then, they will need to put even more money into marketing. Key to getting adoption will include putting still more money into flooding the professional market with free software and outstanding support, topping it off with heavy weight evangelists from every discipline Adobe impacts. Finally, all this will be for nought if the product is not significantly better than every corresponding product from Adobe.

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