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Thanks you, my PP has been poor before, I have tried to learn, it goes slowly forward. Thanks for your comment, jouni

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Sometimes it happens like this. We could change pictures, he has experienced same sometimes before too, for me firsty time, jouni

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Thank you so much. It is the moment when one can touch something Great.

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(unknown member): love this one, a real fun. though the background man and boy should not be there.

Thank you soumitra, I agree with man and bou on background don't worl. Thanks for your comment. jouni

Posted on Sep 26, 2018 at 14:57 UTC
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That was great and nice to see how You look like. Yes, You look magnific.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, jouni

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RuthC: Many voters did not appreciate your excellent capture of Thailand's electricity power supply in Ayutthaya, though I certainly did. I've visited Thailand, and lived in other Asian countries where these spaghetti power lines are the norm! It gave me a laugh, even while I was saddened to see that nothing has changed over the years.
RuthC :-)

Thanks RuthC, feels specially fine to hear someone liked it. And as little complete to situation today, they still place new wire among these, it will be fast broadband. And in many places they have taken down old useless wires. I have followed life and wire in this city during 11 years, done a trip every year since 2005. Many thanks RuthC, you made my day, jouni

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Kodak Retina 1b was present from cousin, sad to say, was always defect, I took not more than 5 rolls. Next was prima Nikon F with photomic, jouni

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electrophoto: about time ;)

These flat screens have very hard white light, which hurt my eyes too. I will never use the light one, jouni

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Zvonimir Tosic: A camera of this calibre has "AUTO" on the main dial?
I suggest erasing that, and adding "Canon user" mode. Or "m4/3 folk" mode.

New fullsensor camera always interesting, makes me curious, even out of my reach, should mean system change. Propably not miraculous, jouni

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webrunner5: Well, that certainly is a video worth watching. Some nice interesting tips and well produced.

Would be neat to be able to go all over the world, but sort of dangerous anymore and pretty expensive on top of it.

To present how one man takes his street pictures, this is best what I have seen. There have been others to talk and discuss about the matter without saying and showing anything. Little better can things always be, if somebody had filmed him so that he doesnt know ) jouni

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Unusual great idea. I understand very well restriction no HDR. This is to see if cameras have difference in PQ or can say which picture is taken with certain camera. I expect there will be more like this in future.

Congratulaitions from jouni

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JohnInMaine: A friend of mine has been working in this DSLR-stitching-as-large-format genre for a few years. The prints are huge and amazing. His name is Heath Paley and his website is

That was nice galleries, I should call in category, classical music, or classic literature. I looked at all galleries. Thank you for sharing, jouni

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I also want to lift my cap, it's nice bike and driver. Still going strong.

Cheers jouni

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