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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (392 comments in total)

No one should be surprised by this. This is Google after all, they're known to sunset a bunch of great products.

That said, if I recall they used Nik to help develop Google Photos and its auto-awesome features. At least the technology from Nik will live on by improving photos from the hundreds of millions of people using the Google Photos app.

For the rest of us who still post process ourselves, it'd be nice if Google could open source the suite so others can take over.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom (114 comments in total)

Hey! I had this camera! This was my last fixed-lens before I started shooting DSLRs. The C-8080WZ made up the bulk of the pictures I shot during my high school years.

The single greatest factor for picking up this camera? Phil's review.

I still fondly remember "discovering" the macro mode on that camera and spending my summers indoors and out getting up close and personal with still objects. Fairly certain I found out what bokeh was too from that feature :) Ah, memories.

Some pics from my long inactive Flickr:

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The Optometrist's Wet Dream

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ZorSy: sad and concerning if their authorities consider this a "solution" for the problem....

I see it as a nice way for them to raise awareness. Pretty easy to compare what is vs. what could be when you have such a stark contrast between what's depicted in the billboards and the actual skyline behind them. Ideally, this initiatve makes everyone (not just tourists) think.

Link | Posted on Sep 1, 2013 at 04:31 UTC

I care way more about the functionality of a camera than I do its appearance. But I really do like the design work they've put into this one, and the fact that its innards are identical to that of the LX7--well, I know it'll perform just fine. If LVMH's (the folks who bring us Louis Vuitton, Dom Pérignon, TAG Heuer, among other high end brands) success is any indication of the demand for luxury goods, then Leica + G-Star is on the right track. There aren't too many cameras that double up as a fashion accessory. This one does, and rather well. It might not appeal to the general DPR crowd, but I think this collaboration makes a lot of sense for Leica.

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On article Teach your cat to take selfies with Snapcat (28 comments in total)
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Dundo Maroje: I approve. More of this means less duckfaces...

Well, a lesser proportion of duckfaces... if only there were an app that automatically fixed duckfaces.

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Photography isn't a dying medium so much as it is one that's becoming less valuable. It's the perfect storm that led to this decision. Everyone's got a camera in their pocket, newspapers have no money on hand. Put one and one together and it's a race to the bottom, to see who'll sell their pictures for the least (or nothing at all). And you know what? Most readers probably won't even notice or care. To them, a picture's a picture.

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lenseye: This woman is an idiot with an ego the size of Florida! That's what you get when you put someone like that in charge of an organization that big! I'm surprised more stupidity doesn't flow out of her mouth! Her daycare comments fiasco is still talked about!

The only way you get to play at CEO level is by professionally kissing behinds! Obviously she excelled at that...

Considering what she's done for Yahoo!, especially with Flickr, which had been neglected for many many years before she was appointed CEO, I would say Meyer's doing a darn good job. Yes, surprise! CEO's are people, too, and they're liable to saying things they shouldn't say or being misunderstood. We'd be living in a different world if people like Meyer are considered 'idiots'.

Link | Posted on May 23, 2013 at 03:40 UTC

I think they designed they designed the 150mm f/2.8 in hopes that someone will manufacture a coffee mug after it. Looking forward to sipping on my new panny 150mm metal thermos :)

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