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Franz Weber: Please refrain from bashing this camera. It is not all about 8K and 17 stops of dynamic rage. Read the specs: it offers unprecedented breathtaking color accuracy!
So I bought a unit and tested it extensively with our team. When me, our lab manager and the creative director saw the first photos taken with it, we started crying immediately. The colors are really that accurate

Double Rainbow?

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The plot looks a little.....under developed

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Why did he have it taped to the outside of his case?

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Melchiorum: The video is fake.

The only way this would be possible is if the bird flapped 20 times per second, which birds of this size don't do. Also, the frame rate of the video is clearly way lower than 20 and is kind of uneven. Notice the slow-downs at he beginning when the bird arrives and leaves. That's when the bird would flap slower due to horizontal gliding through the air. Strange?

Nope, not strange. Just fake. So lemme tell you how this video was made: you take the footage and you cut out all the frames except the ones you need (wings down). There, done. And you get uneven video frame rate, depending on the rate of wing flaps.

The process can even be easily automated.

Proof to go with your statement?

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Battery Life: cr#p
Flash x-sync speed: cr#p
Pixel pitch: cr#p

Brand w#nk factor: Priceless

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Word most likely to bring about the downfall of humanity: "Premium"

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Except the majority of bombings to date have been via checked luggage

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Shifter: I guess the model plane remote control hobby is toast. Spend a ton of hours building a wood model plane and then hope it flies... and with no HD gimbal cam! Thanks for the info, Lars.

heh "Flaps"

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EskeRahn: When I was a kid I too did odd stuff, that - like this - was totally uninteresting for the rest of the world....

I know what you mean...I once wired up our lemon tree to power my radio

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You can buy it at

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miejoe: The press release doesn't mention sensor size.

The specs on the RED website list the sensor as 20.48 mm x 10.8 mm, meaning the sensor is actually a bit smaller than APS-C and Super 35. This translates to a crop factor of about 1.8 compared to full frame.

It's around the same as Blackmagic's 4K camera.

So 5 grand for a 4/3 equivalent sized sensor?

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This test bought to you by Sony...

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Pointless bag for posing hipsters. Single strap over the should like that? agony by the end of the day, unless you're just taking photos of your food for instagram

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itchhh: Still shooting with a D90 and still no firmware updates ;)

you beat me to this comment! :-)

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Can I suggest cropping a bit tighter on the right-hand side?

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