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Is f/1.5 on this equal to ca f/13 in FF terms? A 1/2.5'' is 6 stops ( (and this is a even smaller sensor), and f/1.4-> f/11 is 6 stops and f/1.5 is a third smaller than 1.4 = f/13.
Is that correct?

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esuohe: That XZ-2 looks might sexy.

Still it weighs less than the G15, and has a wider aperture in the tele end... ;)

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smatty: The biggest issue for many X-Pro 1 users does not seem to be addressed by this big update: Minimum Shutter Speed for AUTO ISO!

I simply don't understand why this feature, which has been working perfectly in the X100 for over a year now, is omitted in the X-PRO 1?

I really appreciate the improvements in FW 2.0! Especially Auto ISO up to 6400. But nothing has ruined more shots for me with the 18mm lens that the 1/30s shutter time threshold in low light. I use the 18mm lens for street photography and hardly any person can be captured sharp at 1/30s without motion blurr!

I just don't get it and I'm really dissapointed...

Smatty - To set auto ISO at a set shutterspeed will blow out the highlights as much. There is no difference whatever.
If you use Shutter priority 1/100 and auto iso you can't go to a lower ISO than 200, and if you would have the possibillty to set the Auto-ISO not to go lower than 1/100s, you would get the same burned highlights at ISO 200....

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