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thenoilif: Interesting that only 1 of these images was captured with a Sony camera.

Most are shot with Canon.

This is not to start a brand wars debate. It really is quite interesting that at these these photographers are still shooting on Canon and Nikon instead of Sony.

It's not that interesting, if you know about photography.

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Biowizard: Frankly, this is nuts. Wouldn't it be altogether more useful to have Remote ID on GUNS?

"If a drone flew over my backyard and I was an American gun owner-I probably would take a shot at it."

Especially if it were black.

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justmeMN: It's nice to see Nikon excel.

And even before the release of this camera, Nikon's imaging division was back to being profitable.

This is their Swan song.

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Oh dear, that colourization is awful.

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Eulan13: Simply killing photography..

@panther fan
It's not a law, it's a rule. Twitter is not a country.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS R3 final review (757 comments in total)

Old Canon users will not bother upgrading, what's the point. As for the young Canon users, well, there are no young Canon users.

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Hate water reflection photographs. So cheesy.

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Epson has fans?

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King Penguin: Superb photos....and wow, none were taken with ‘four letter word beginning with S’ cameras! I wonder why?

"‘‘four letter word beginning with S’ cameras"
Six letter word beginning with W' onanism.

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"Much excitement....please be excited........please"

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ShaiKhulud: 1. We know that it's R3 already
2. The descision to rival Apple in media coverage is beyond me. R3 will drown in Iphone-related news. The shiny days of glory is over for camera industry, it's not 2007.

Still, it is interesting to see R3' final specs, date and price. Those teasers of teaser are getting really annoying.

"This could even benefit Canon in a small way. Often times one big media event does generate a lot of excitement and buzz that could spill over in a small way to another event.

Now when anyone who follows the camera industry thinks of the Apple event, they will also think of the Canon event. It's kind of piggy-backing off of the larger company. It's not a bad thing for Canon to have the brands of Apple and Canon intertwined in people's minds."


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On article Sony ZV-E10 review (304 comments in total)

This is an important camera. Not enough vloggers in the world. We must know what these strangers are having for lunch!

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Macro guy: An interesting exercise in the pointless.

The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.

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KoolKool: I appreciate AI in sharpening, noise reduction, gigapixel.......but not fake sky.....

It's entering the realm of digital collage.

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